Thoughts from episode 4

well, i didn’t think he would. I didn’t think Jin could actually speak english. that whole dream was a little weird. the other guy was in a chicken costume from his old job, and the guy was the camera man that was video taping him when everyone found out. but i’m glad that a. he didn’t blow the whole thing up and b. that everyone doesn’t hate him.

as far as the other group goes, i hate that ‘hot lips’ chick. it looks like she’s been ruling out of fear rather than compassion like Jack. But it was funny, part way through i said to Leah that Sawyer and her were going to hook up, and then the scenes from next week show that starting to happen. its just like in Willow when Madmardigan and Sorsha hook up. Two strong personalities brought together by their hate and softened by their love…. ahhh….

anyhoo, it looks like the other group has been pretty ravaged, but i’m not sure by what. I was sort of thinking that maybe it was cannibalism, since ‘hot lips’ seems crazy enough to do that. But then I think they had to be killed by ‘the others’ since she was so crazy about making sure they were from the plane too. And because she was yelling at them for talking. she just didn’t want anyone else to die.

it was also interesting to see that there was indeed another hatch, confirming my suspicion that there are more hatches on the island.

well, next weeks episode looks like it will be another one where we find out a lot more like lasts weeks. last nights was more of a catch yourself up episode.


7 comments on “Thoughts from episode 4

  1. Beth says:

    I feel so cool being a part of this underground thing.

    I watched the first two Lost episodes this season- definately better than the “polar bear chasing people in the dark woods” phase. I missed the last two episodes.

  2. T-Bone says:

    ahhh, well, two episodes was great, last nights was just ok. but next weeks will be good.

  3. dokew says:

    Having not seen this since the first two episodes, let me ask, “Where did Claire get a baby from?” She wasn’t pregnant in the first two episodes. Was that something revealed later in the season?

    I also was confused whether or not the raft people were on the same island or another one. I finally figured out it was the same one. What if the people from the tail section divided into factions? (though who would want to be in “Super Mama”s” group? She is NOT a lady!) Or…maybe there is an unrelated aggressive group who has been killing them off and that’s why they’re willing to follow Ms. Competent.

    I do remember that that lady always believed her husband was still alive. I actually got misty when I found out he was!

    I’ve changed my identity for this site so it can’t be followed here, but I trust you recognize your flesh and blood! You know…the one who buys you books. 🙂

  4. 6 kidshttp://abmcacphil says:

    WOW! the whole family is watchig now how sweet!
    I almost called you after it was over to tell you not to waste your time, BUT at the end everything happened. Rose, the other hatch and all the food being passed out! That was good. but the whole show seemed like a waste to me! But, I guess it is all ground work right?
    So, the other hatch. I was thinking cannibalism too, BUT remember how many people died in the first few episodes from last season? The pilot, and others eaten by that bird thing. So, they may be at a part of the island that has more of the animals. Maybe the Jacks group has pushed them away and they are closer to “hot lips” group! Jacks group doesn’t seem to be too worried about the woods anymore WHY??? and the other group is worried!!! So, I guess that is all that I have to comment on!

  5. 6 kidshttp://abmcacphil says:

    For the record so that people don’t think that we named her after the show CLAIRE was born before Lost started!!!!
    And Claire was pregnant the most of the season last year. She was escaping to the US to put the baby up for adoption.
    AND that is the chubbiest baby.
    I would have used one like my baby for the show, she looks like she doesn’t have too much much to eat! Unlike Aaron who looks like he snacks all day long!
    OK that is all! BYE

  6. dokew says:

    All babies look “chubby” from your point of view. 😉 That’s funny that at first glance I thought the doll in your basket was Claire. Then it came to me that Claire is bigger (by a little!) and that you would never do that. See…I have faith in you! Btw, tell Phil thanks for covering my class when Dave couldn’t. I appreciate it. Did he have fun?

  7. katie says:

    i love how you referenced willow.. haha. that is amazing. 🙂

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