sorry for no posts

hey everyone,

sorry for not posting in awhile. it isn’t that i haven’t had the opportunity. there are plenty of things i’d like to post on, including thoughts on the testimony of Paul in Philippians 3, how the wife is, about Bruce Demerest’s book ‘The Cross and Salvation’, and other things. But the truth is i’ve been really busy lately, with everything that is going on with the Mrs., with school bearing down, with work picking up, and with my own recent sickness. So with all that to say, i probably won’t be able to post until after this weekend. One bright note is that I get to go see Derek Webb on Saturday, so I have that to look forward to. so until then, peace out.



6 comments on “sorry for no posts

  1. dokew says:

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, either! C’mon…you’re not supposed to have all those cold germs loitering in enclosed buildings like we do!

    I’ve started studying for a Ladie’s Study, geared towards those who have already taken “How to Study the Bible” or “Principles of Interpretation”, since the purpose is to get them studying and applying what they have learned. I decided to do “Philippians” since I had started to work on it last year as a Ladie’s Study and since you’ve been talking about it so much lately. Now that I am starting to get into it, I wonder how I could have stayed away from this type of study as long as I have. (It COULD have something to do with all the studying I HAVE to do for classes.)

    Interesting find Exegeting today: (I LOVE finding stuff like this!)
    2Cor.5:14 (Possible tsl.):
    tou Xristou [sorry, no Greek letters available here]is Plenary Genitive, i.e. BOTH Subjective Gen. AND Objective Gen. Thus the translation would be: “The love that comes from Christ produces our love for Christ – and this [the whole package] constrains us.” The Subjective produces the Objective – “Christ’s love for us, which in turn motivates and enables our love for Him, constrains us.” Cool!

  2. T-Bone says:

    BOOOOOO!!!!! You said the evil word!!! PL***RY!!!! I firmy believe that the Word of God does not have pl***ry texts. There is one meaning, not two. There can be multiple applications, but not multiple interpretations. Don’t ride the fence, make a decision. is it subjective or objective? If you must continue with such ridiculous talk of ‘pl***ry’ interpretations, i must report you to Farnell and you will be placed into the Hall of Shame with Tammy Fay

  3. T-Bone says:

    wait, does Dean teach acceptance of the naughty word?! oh, may it never be mentioned among you!

  4. 6 kids says:

    Sorry to hear that you have been so busy! Walk in my shoes for a couple of days. then tell me how busy you are! šŸ™‚
    So, what does this mean? Will you not post tomorrow? Don’t you know what today is? BIG discussion after tonight I am sure of it!
    Hey what are your thought over on my blog? I know how your sister feels, and what about your mom, the people I can always count on fpr posting and you aren’t hmm… give me some feedback!
    Hope that you are feeling better.
    Hey how was the Cheesecake Factory?

  5. dokew says:

    Sorry, sorry, sorry. šŸ˜¦ I was reading from the Wallace textbook. Dean hasn’t gotten to that part yet, but we’re trying to exegete as much as we can so we can get a feel for it. Actually, I was working on Mark 1:10-18, but came across the 2 Cor. passage as I was trying to figure out what the use of the Genitive was in Mk.1:14 (euaggelion tns basileias). I had it narrowed down (phew!) and was trying to decide if it was Objective Genitive or Subjective Genitive when I came upon that bad word category. šŸ˜‰ Don’t blame Dean, he ALWAYS says every verse has one meaning, but I thought this combo was possible, and didn’t break THE RULE. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow, son. I always know I can count on you! Learning Greek is making me increasingly humble. It’s amazing how many “assumptions” I had from the English translation. Dean always warns us to approach Scripture humbly and let it teach us. How true, how true… I’ve also learned NOT to believe everything I read in Commentaries! (even good ones)

  6. T-Bone says:

    sorry, Jen, I guess getting a Master’s degree full time while working a full time job that calls you to speak 2-3 a week to the same group, organizing events, youth groups, sunday school and discipleship, and helping an ailing wife really isn’t too much.

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