Where’s the outrage? Where’s the investigation?

so in our age of witchhunts and diatribes, where’s the attention to the ridiculous earnings of the oil companies? Where’s the huge investigation into how a company can earn $100 billion without gouging the public and still being able to complain about how there is no way they can bring prices down?

where’s the outrage?


2 comments on “Where’s the outrage? Where’s the investigation?

  1. dokew says:

    I heard a spokesman discussing it on NPR and actually sounding rather embarrassed about it. He did comment on how much they are investing in research, but the truth is the spent more than twice that amount on buying back their stock.

    Btw, your link doesn’t work.

  2. katie says:

    AMEN! oh it drives me crazy! thank God i dont have to pay for gas yet, but still it ticks me off that they are taking soo much avantage ..

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