The Next Idea

So you all heard my last idea with the bookstore, but the unfortunate thing, is that that isn’t too possible. besides everything else, small bookstores that are specialized just don’t survive.

well, the other day the wife and i were heading out to a friends house for a birthday and i thought of something that I could do. here’s the next idea:

If you are like me, you are in the process of building your library. Man men that are young and just getting their feet wet, they know there are a lot of books that they should really get, but there are two problems. the first is that we never have the money to get what we want or need. if we were to get the books that we should have and paid cover price for each one, we would have to have a lot more money than we do.

the other problem is not having the time to search for the deals that would make those purchases affordable. We could spend the time continuously browsing the book sellers for deals, but we just don’t have that time. We haven’t exactly got to the point where we’re looking for specific books too often, instead we’re looking for a long list and get whatever is cheap.

well, here’s where my idea comes in. I would come up with a monthly email newsletter that would provide a listing of what was on sale at the different book sellers for abotu $2 a month. The email would cover the major book sellers, stores and websites, and provide the people with the best deals to better build their libraries. I would also have a part of the newsletter that would let people put a book up for sale under the E-Yard Sale section. They would email me with the book name, condition, price, and their email address, and I would put it on the next newsletter. I would not be involved in the selling process, just a place to post the ad.

people would pay for the year, and get a month free if a friend signs up on a recommendation.

so what do you think? think it could fly?


6 comments on “The Next Idea

  1. J.R. Freiberg says:

    I’m having a hard enough time reading the books I already have, let alone living out the truths I read in them so I’m out. but I’ll give you two bucks a month if you promise to still be my friend

  2. wendy says:

    Sign me up

  3. dokew says:

    Sounds like an idea worth thinking about. Of course, you’d have to have a LOT of participants to make the research and webpage construction worth your time. [time…time..time…school…wife…work/ministry…not necessarily in that order ;)] Do you know how to make a good web page? How would you spread its existence? Are there that many pastors/students/believers to use such a service?

  4. T-Bone says:

    there would not be a web page. it would be an email only service spread through word of mouth. this would not be a full time job, just one to supplement income.

  5. Jen says:

    Hey give it a try, what do you have to lose? It is us who would be out the 2 bucks a month! šŸ™‚

    Where is the dotted line to sign?

    I still think that the bookstore idea is a GREAT idea. I talked to a friend about it, her husband actually was trying to figure out how to do exactly that! Hmmm, maybe there is something really worth looking into!

    Books books books, they just collect dust hahah…

  6. katie says:

    i’d love that!

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