how about more of those random thoughts?

so i heard on the way into school this morning that Barry Bonds is saying he’s going to lose 40 pounds before next season and will play for the US. Glad to see he’s so obsessed now with being in shape. of course i doubt not being on steroids would help drastically losing 40 lbs… that’s what i like about Barry. he’s proactive. you go out and say that you’ll lose it ahead of time so its not such a shock when you come in looking like you’ve been on TrimSpa all winter.

i like tropical skittles.

so this guy named Tookie Williams is supposed to be executed out here and all these people are coming out to save him because he’s made such a change. They had a rally at San Quintan and even Snoop Doggy Dogg (as my mom would say, i swear, you had to be there. Almost as funny as hearing her say ‘rolling on dubs’) came out to lend his support. If i’m ever in trouble, please don’t have a convicted felon with questionable connections come out and vouch for me. Anyways, he starts talking about how he was convicted in a time when Blacks didn’t have representation. it was 1981, not 1881. And he’s been through all the appeals, even somewhat confessed at one point, and is now saying he didn’t do it. And all his supporters are taking a shot at revisionist history and making up things that never happened. I heard Jim Brown being interviewed on it and even he realized that the thing that is hurting Tookie is the fact that he still isnt admitting to the 4 people that he killed. Oh, by the way, he founded the Crips gang.

go to to sign a petition to keep manny in Boston. Like it would help.

have you heard of this reality show in Great Britain about convincing these people that they’re going to be shot in space? they’ve secluded them at this supposed Russian Cosmonot place, and are going to use a shuttle that was made for the movie “Deep Impact”. they have a couple actors among the group to help convince the others. high comedy.

Where were all these african american protestors who hate the death penalty when that white guy was executed earlier this year? The radio station i listen to went to the rally and interviewed people. These kids were talking about how Tookie should be spared and every other second they were saying ‘youknowwhatimean?’ they kept saying he was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, which he isn’t. he was nominated, which really means nothing. You can tell they totally did that so that they could say he was a Nobel Peace Prize nominee later on down the road.

I saw the Hollywood Parade the other night. sad, just sad. They had all these old b-list celebrities on like David Hasselhof (or The Hoff as is his street name), some guy from Smallville, Mickey Rooney who wouldn’t let his wife take the microphone from him (high comedy moment), Kathie Griffin, a host of celebs that i didn’t know or recognize plus a poor band that traveled all the way to Hollywood for a parade they probably thought was going to be huge. Hollywood is always a disappointment. Every year they have a microphone with some celebrities and talk to them, but it hardly ever works. Every year the people either can’t hear the hosts or the microphone doesn’t work. It usually results in the person just saying “happy holidays!” or “I love this parade!” talking to the people has to be one of the worst ideas. Then if everything does go well, they are a washed over celeb who is just trying to get a plug in to make a buck. ahhh, i love the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Speaking of Hollywood, Gregory Peck’s star was stolen from the sidewalk. Apparently, someone came with a cement saw and just cut it out. The funniest thing is that they don’t know when it happened. They’ve narrowed it down to a five day stretch. Gotta love Hollywood.

"The Mischief of Sin" by Thomas Watson

Because I had a week off and some time traveling, I took the chance to read something that I actually wanted to read versus something I had to read for class. So after much deliberation about what book to read I chose Thomas Watson’s “Mischief of Sin”. Now I knew I wanted to read something puritanical and since I was going to be traveling and this book was hard cover so I chose this one.

I know its been said many times before about many different Puritans, and specifically John Bunyan, that when you prick them they bleed Bibline. Well, this book is no exception, as Watson litters the book with references and amazing quotes. Here are a few memorable lines that stay with the reader:

“We deal with God’s mercies as with flowers. When they are frewsh, we smell them and put them in our bosom. But within awhile, we throw them away and mind them no more.”

“Sin is the trojan horse out of which a whole troop of afflictions comes.”

“Sin brings many a one to a seared conscience… They are like the blacksmith’s dog that can lie and sleep near the anvil when all the spakrs fly about. Conscience is in a lethargy.”

“Tis good to fall into God’s hands when He is a friend, but it is ill falling into His hands when He is an enemy.”

“Oh, what a venomous, accursed thing sin is that makes a merciful God take comfort in the destruction of His own creature!”

“It is first a fox and then a lion. Sin does to a man as Jael did to Sisera. She gave him milk, but then she brought him low.”

And he wraps it up with a touching closing sentence in one chapter: “Christian, do not be desirous to be in heaven before your time. Wait but awhile and you shall have what you have prayed and wept for. ‘Tis but while and God will take the cross off your shoulders and set a crown upon your head.”

Every Christian needs to realize his own sin and exactly wha it is that he’s been saved from. A Christian can only live the way he ought by realizing what he was saved from.

50 Books Every Christian Should Read

Here’s my rough, rough, rough draft of the 50 books every Christian should read. It will be revised, thoguh. The last few will be different ones for men and women. let me know what you think, what I’m missing, etc.

50 Books Every Christians Should Read
1. Paradise Lost- John Milton
2. Pilgrim’s Progress- John Bunyan
3. Knowing God- J.I. Packer
4. Knowledge of the Holy- A.W. Tozer
5. Pursuit of God- A.W. Tozer
6. On the Mortification of Sin in Believers & On Temptation- John Owens
7. Glory of Christ- Owens
8. Holy Spirit- Owens
9. Spiritual Depression- M.L. Jones
10. George Mueller’s Biography
11. Narnia series
12. Mere Christianity- C.S. Lewis
13. Problem of Pain- C.S. Lewis
14. Screwtape Letters- C.S. Lewis
15. Chosen by God- Sproul
16. Holiness of God- Sproul
17. 5 Reformers- J.C. Ryle
18. Holiness- Ryle
19. Jungle Pilot
20. Through Gates of Splendor- Elizabeth Elliot
21. Ashamed of the Gospel- John MacArthur
22. The Gospel According to the Apostles- John MacArthur
23. Desiring God- Piper
24. Knowledge of God- Piper
25. Don’t Waste Your Life- Piper
26. Let the Nations Be Glad- Piper
27. Future Grace- Piper
28. When People are Big and God is Small
29. Trusting God- Bridges
30. Pursuit of Holiness- Bridges
31. Practice of Godliness- Bridges
32. Fit Bodies, Fat Minds- Sanders
33. Love the Lord Your God With All Your Mind- Moreland
34. Thought of God- Roberts
35. Religious Affections- Jonathan Edwards
36. A Call to Spiritual Reformation- D.A. Carson
37. Bounds on Prayer
38. Cost of Discipleship- Bohnehoffer
39. The Diary of David Brainerd
40. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret
41. Systematic Theology- Grudem
42. The God Who is There/He is There and He Is Not Silent- Schaeffer
43. On The Incarnation- Athanasius
44. Decision Making and the Will of God- Friesen
45. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
46. Mischief of Sin- Watson

For Men
47. Thoughts for Young Men-
48. A Godly Man’s Picture- Watson
For Women

California Hates Democracy

So yesterday was election day and here in California, as you may have heard, we voted on a number of propositions. Among the propositions were a few from the governor, who wished to bypass the legislature and bring it straight to the people. Unfortunately, ‘Ahnold’ has fallen from grace in the eyes of many, which is not really his fault, and more the fault of a legislature that refuse to make any cuts and refuses to hear the people that vote them in. So you can see why Ahnold wanted to bypass them. This was an opportunity for democracy to rule. This was an opportunity for the people to have a large role in forming the future of California and democracy itself. The only problem is that the people proved themselves too ignorant, too lazy, and too stupid to deserve a vote. (i’ll get to what I think should be the result of this at the end)

For those of you who don’t know, two of the major propositions were about having judges make districts instead of the legislature and making the public worker’s unions get permission before using their people’s money in political causes. These two propositions were remarkably important! The first, proposition 77, was necessary because democracy doesn’t exist in the present climate. The democrats and republicans alike have gotten together and carved out lines so that none of their seats are in danger. In the past election, out of something like 125 seats, NONE changed hands. NONE! There is no competition in the present format, and competition is necessary for democracy to thrive. Instead, we have a legislature full of politicians who have made sure that they can’t be voted out. Therefore, they don’t see it necessary to do the will of the people and just carry on. Sure, once in awhile they’ll throw their voters a bone by looking good passing some law enforcement or education initiative. but they aren’t being kept accountable and that’s wrong.

The other Proposition, was number 75. This was important because unions like the Teacher’s union were spending millions upon millions to fund political causes that did not come close to representing their union. The money they put into elections proved to sway the vote whereever they wanted because it has been proved that whoever throws the most money at a problem usually wins.

Now i’d like to set up for you how each proposition was presented and how they were based primarily on lies. The opponents of 77 said that it was a ‘power grab’ by politicians to get more power, but it was the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! They clouded the proposition by saying that it left the voters out in the cold even though the voters would have had to approve the outcome. They said the judges would be chosen by the politicians, but that was also false. Then they put out these horrible commercials with these three inept old, white judges, turning people against the idea of trusting the judicial system. Then they recruited JUDGE WAPNER! And he, suddenly being relevant again, told people it gave judges too much power (failing to mention again that the people had the final vote). Apparently no one remembered that he was a no one judge who was given a court room because he could be funny. Does no one remember him asking the BALIFF what he thought?! This guy is credible?! (by the way, every newspaper in the state endorsed this, which tells you it wasn’t a power grab) And its convenient that NO politician came out to rally against the prop (even though almost every single one was against it), because they were trying to make it look like it was a political power grab.

Then prop 75 was lambasted, saying that the governor wanted to shut up the voice. Right now people can opt out of giving their money, but its jumping through a lot of hoops and it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do and the union doesn’t exactly promote it like they should. If anything, it was saying that a union shouldn’t spend the money of the people in a way that they would not approve. the union exists to stand up for the rights of its members, not to throw money at issues that have nothing to do with the public servants. So suddenly Ahnold hated public workers and wanted to shut them up.

I guess I knew that these propositions would fail when i saw a letter written in the LA Times. This man was saying that he would vote no, not because he felt strongly about the particular issues, but because he was against the idea of voting on the propositions. He thought that Ahnold should work through the legislature, and not bypass them at make everyone get out and vote. He must hate democracy. Ahnold HAD to do this because he wanted to give the people a voice that couldn’t be heard through the legistlature. but this guy decided to base his voting on the propositions on his opinion on the governor himself. And this ended up being the feelings of the majority of the state. I heard over and over and over again that people were voting against the governors props because they didn’t like him. ARE WE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL HERE?! I remember running for pr person for the chorus in high school. I made a huge sign that was flashy and would catch the eyes as an example of what I would make for the rest of our things. Then I laid out a whole plan on how I would make commercials and get them on the local tv stations which I already had connections with because of my podunk tv show. then this kid, being the most popular kid in the group, gets up and literally says ‘Hi, my name is like, Billy, and I would, like, like to be the, like, P.R. guy. I’d make lots of, like, signs for stuff. So yeah, like, vote for me!’. i don’t think I have to say who ended up winning. This was like a bad flashback to high school when people judged more on personal feelings rather than what the best for our state would be.

So what should we do. This election didn’t change my conviction on what has to be done, but has only strengthened it. Clearly, many have proven the fact that they don’t deserve a judge. I don’t want this schmuck who doesn’t pay attention to anything and votes according to what commercials he sees. We need a test. There needs to be a test that people have to take to prove that they know what the props are talking about. Because clearly people will just believe whatever they are told by a retired tv judge over finding it out for themselves. I know that this is impossible. I know that we can’t make people take a test. So, instead, we must kiss goodbye to democracy, because today, it has been proven that California hates democracy.

fine, here’s a post

ok, sorry its been just 6 days! been busy with school, the wife, helping a friend move, teaching, discipling, meetings, and the such. i didn’t realize how greedy i was to go out and hang out with my friends last night instead of leaving a post. (all sarcasm, no hard feelings).

so i was just reading on a discussion website between athiests and christians over the existence of God and who actually had the burden of proof. it got me so frustrated and I just lost it when i read that the Christians needed to prove the existence of God apart from the Bible because obviously that was not a reliable source for truth since it is just a claim that it is the Word of God. people went on to say that it was written by fallible men (which is true) and they were sincerely trying to explain their idea of God. Its so convenient that a discussion over God has to be discussed without the Bible. Now i know Romans 1 says that the creation display the knowledge of God, namely his divine nature and his divine attributes. But we also know that it is general revelation and not enough for conversion. Psalm 19 says very nice things about nature declaring God, but it is only the special revelation that can change a heart. So to just throw out the Word at the beginning just tells you where the debate is going to go.

So here’s my question for discussion: What role should the Word of God play in debating? Is there a point to debating apart from the Word?

I certainly feel that i am not the best debator and someone would just love to get me to put the Bible aside. Should we spend time debating things with people who are going to remain unchanged (unless the Word of God change them, that is)? i guess my problem is that no one is going to be saved by ‘convincing them that God exists’ apart from the Bible. We can’t just place the Bible off to the side, we must stand on it and not allow people to chip away at its authority.

i tell my kids that its not necessarily wise to get caught up in debates about Creation or things like that because people aren’t necessarily saved by being convinced that evolution is wrong. they’re saved because the Word of God changes their heart. Does this mean we are to stop dialogue and not study these things? no. we should be able to give a reason for why we believe, but I just don’t believe we should allow these things to be what we’re arguing over and spending so much time on. They are all periphial (sp?) issues in my head.

So what do you think?

time for quick comments…

so Monday night leah and i were so excited to go through our first Halloween. I’ve lived in a back house for the past two, so I was excited to live somewhere where the kids could come up. So i went out early in the morning to get good candy. I didn’t want to be the house that only had laffy taffy and slim jims left to give to kids. Then I made sure I got home early enough and opened the door, turned the light on, and placed a nice big bowl next to the door. I made sure to keep count of all the kids that came by, so I would know how much candy to get for next year. So after a few hours of trick or treating, guess how many kids I counted? ZERO. NO KIDS! Not ONE child came to our apartment! Aren’t apartments the goldmine for trick or treating? i mean, there’s 9 doors 20 feet from eachother. We even have one little kid in the building and HE didn’t even come by. After a little while I retreated to my desk to do some work and after a little while Leah came in all excited, telling me that she heard trick or treaters next door. I came running out, all excited to give candy out and THEY DIDN’T EVEN COME TO OUR DOOR! So what’s the deal?! Did people ignore our apartment knowing we’re Christians, thinking we think Halloween is the Devil’s Day? Did some Halloween Scrooge live here before us? now i have 364 days to think about what went wrong.

The celtics season begins tonight. there are reasons to be excited and reasons to think it will all be the same. I’m excited about a couple of the young guys we have and seeing if they finally trade Pierce. one good thing is the fact that it is again ‘the Gahden’ that they’re playing in.

did some meddling with my plans for the rest of seminary and with some summer classes and a winterim class, I will be able to finish on time, in a year and half. We’re very excited about this because it looked like I had to go an extra semester in the fall, and that would have extended seminary eight more months than it should. so that’s exciting.

if you guys are checking out Phil Johnson’s blog that I have linked on a daily basis then your missing out. Its turned into maybe the best blog around. Just great stuff on there on a daily basis.

the temperature is finally going down around here. A little odd for it to be in the 90s on Halloween. now its in the low 70s which is a nice temp to hover around for awhile.

Burce Demarest’s book, “The Cross and Salvation” is one of the best books that covers the theological aspects of salvation. just a great great book. It goes through the issues, discusses the historical thoughts on the subject and then fully discusses what the Bible says about it, and then how to apply it. just a great book. Would be a good book for a Bible study trying to do some theological pondering.

speaking of such theological pondering, i think i’m now leaning towards a post-millenial position.

so i’ve been inspired about the project that went on in the N-H with the extreme home makeover and i think we’re going to start doing little things with the older people in our church with the Jr High. We’ll call it “Extreme Home Makeover: Jr High Edition”. we’ll be doing something once a quarter and hopefully it will help get the kids eyes off of themselves and give them a better frame for what we’re teaching them.

just kidding about the post-millenial thing. just seeing if you’re actually reading this.

i’m going to my favorite bookstore today for their fall sale and i don’t know what to get. i have a gift certificate to spend and I don’t know what to spend it on. so stressful….

well, that’s all for now. until later, peace out!