time for quick comments…

so Monday night leah and i were so excited to go through our first Halloween. I’ve lived in a back house for the past two, so I was excited to live somewhere where the kids could come up. So i went out early in the morning to get good candy. I didn’t want to be the house that only had laffy taffy and slim jims left to give to kids. Then I made sure I got home early enough and opened the door, turned the light on, and placed a nice big bowl next to the door. I made sure to keep count of all the kids that came by, so I would know how much candy to get for next year. So after a few hours of trick or treating, guess how many kids I counted? ZERO. NO KIDS! Not ONE child came to our apartment! Aren’t apartments the goldmine for trick or treating? i mean, there’s 9 doors 20 feet from eachother. We even have one little kid in the building and HE didn’t even come by. After a little while I retreated to my desk to do some work and after a little while Leah came in all excited, telling me that she heard trick or treaters next door. I came running out, all excited to give candy out and THEY DIDN’T EVEN COME TO OUR DOOR! So what’s the deal?! Did people ignore our apartment knowing we’re Christians, thinking we think Halloween is the Devil’s Day? Did some Halloween Scrooge live here before us? now i have 364 days to think about what went wrong.

The celtics season begins tonight. there are reasons to be excited and reasons to think it will all be the same. I’m excited about a couple of the young guys we have and seeing if they finally trade Pierce. one good thing is the fact that it is again ‘the Gahden’ that they’re playing in.

did some meddling with my plans for the rest of seminary and with some summer classes and a winterim class, I will be able to finish on time, in a year and half. We’re very excited about this because it looked like I had to go an extra semester in the fall, and that would have extended seminary eight more months than it should. so that’s exciting.

if you guys are checking out Phil Johnson’s blog that I have linked on a daily basis then your missing out. Its turned into maybe the best blog around. Just great stuff on there on a daily basis.

the temperature is finally going down around here. A little odd for it to be in the 90s on Halloween. now its in the low 70s which is a nice temp to hover around for awhile.

Burce Demarest’s book, “The Cross and Salvation” is one of the best books that covers the theological aspects of salvation. just a great great book. It goes through the issues, discusses the historical thoughts on the subject and then fully discusses what the Bible says about it, and then how to apply it. just a great book. Would be a good book for a Bible study trying to do some theological pondering.

speaking of such theological pondering, i think i’m now leaning towards a post-millenial position.

so i’ve been inspired about the project that went on in the N-H with the extreme home makeover and i think we’re going to start doing little things with the older people in our church with the Jr High. We’ll call it “Extreme Home Makeover: Jr High Edition”. we’ll be doing something once a quarter and hopefully it will help get the kids eyes off of themselves and give them a better frame for what we’re teaching them.

just kidding about the post-millenial thing. just seeing if you’re actually reading this.

i’m going to my favorite bookstore today for their fall sale and i don’t know what to get. i have a gift certificate to spend and I don’t know what to spend it on. so stressful….

well, that’s all for now. until later, peace out!


11 comments on “time for quick comments…

  1. wendy says:

    I have a minute between school and making dinner so I thought i’d comment. You really had me going with the post millenial thing. I also love it when people write about good books. I love to read theology books in what little spare time I have, and that sounds like a good one. In fact if you say it would make a good Bible study, that might be just the thing I was needing…..

    We brought the kids out trick or treating Monday night on Chester St., and it was a mob scene. You actually had to wait in line at the houses. But, they loved it. They went as Mary, Laura and Carrie from little house on the Prairie. They even had bonnets and everything. It was a beautiful night here, about 60 degrees. But, don’t feel bad, nobody came to our house either. Of course 102 isn’t really ideal….

  2. T-Bone says:

    and why didn’t you come to our place….?

  3. Beth'sMomToo says:

    OK..for the last few years we have also gotten 0 kids. Not even my FRIENDS bring their kids by in order for me to see their costumes. [Yes, Wendy, that is addressed to you. Remember when Matt used to bring Maddie here? Gracie showed up a few years, but then it kind of died out. Part of the reason, I suppose, is we were away in Europe several years…I know, I know…] So THIS year I didn’t buy any candy because I didn’t want to be stuck having to eat it. We turned all the lights out and hibernated. (Dad laughed at me.) I don’t think we had to worry, though. I never heard a single trick or treater on the street. Everyone goes to Chester St. now. I would guess in your part of the country it is probably safe to only go to the people you know. Next year you need to work on your friends to bring their kids to you. (I’ve found begging and embarrassment helps. 😉

    It’s funny you should mention that book. I just started it and it IS a keeper. Very informative. Though quite thick, it’s easy to read and I’m enjoying it. I thought Beth would like it.

    And I’m ignoring the postmillennial comment altogether! Twit!

  4. Beth says:

    OK I almost fell off my chair when I read the post-millenial thing!!! Then I was mad at you that you just wrote one sentence.

    Well living on the main street in a rural town means hoards of kids! I bought $20 worth of candy and I kept count- I had 95 kids in the first hour! Then I ran out of candy, turned off the lights. I didn’t carve a pumpkin this year so I put votive candles down the driveway- I had to run out to collect them and blow them out! Just as I was closing shop the street was mobbed with more kids. I bought all chocolate- since that is the only type of candy I eat. Next year I will have to be better prepared and buy a mix of cheap candy and good candy- and buy about twice as much. I felt like a scrooge, but after I had about 30 kids in the first 20 minutes I started limiting them to one piece per kid.

    I noticed that 90% had store bought costumes- did we ever buy an entire costume? I thought that is different from when we were kids. We made our costumes (with mom’s help) and the trick was trying to get people to figure what the heck we were dressed as. Also- I would say the majority of the purchased costumes were of characters on TV or on movies- talk about brainwashing our kids! I can’t think of any that were a character from a book! How sad!

  5. T-Bone says:

    at the harvest festival at our church there were two darth vaders, one skywalker in that orange jumpsuit, one young anikan, and one yoda. and that was only in the first five minutes that we were there on Sunday night.

    but yeah, i remember making costumes at home, and that’s all i’ll ever do. but all of the Star Wars kids made most of their costumes at their home, so that was good to see.

  6. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I guess I’ll have to make a donation to YOUR candy next year, since we don’t get anyone. It helps to live in a Village area. (But I thought Tim anxiously waiting for the kids to come was kind of poignant. I could just picture him!)

    My all-time favorite costume of yours was the clown outfit. The half mask was the best part. Too funny! I remember you insisting on wearing it while we were grocery shopping and as I would turn into each aisle you would lean out from the seat of the carriage and peek into the oncoming aisle with a big grin on your face. You were then rewarded with hoots of laughter. You loved it! I just rolled my eyes and kept pushing the carriage. What a day you had that day! You entertained all of Shaws. 🙂 I admit I had a few chuckles, too.

    My favorite costume of Beth’s was when she was one of her Hampshire sheep. (As I recall, her nose was a bit small for the halter.) And my favorite costume of Aunt Debbie’s (oh…so many good ones!) was when she was Carmen Miranda. How she ever balanced all that fruit on her head all night remains a mystery to me. And before you guys were born, Dad and I went as skunks to one of Aunt Debbie’s parties. I remember the stuffed tails being rather cumbersome. We had to walk around all night holding our tails. So, you see, you come from a looong line of people who enjoy dressing up! (We won’t even MENTION the time Beth dressed you up as Heather F. when she was pregnant with Katie! 😉

  7. Beth'sMomToo says:

    It will be a week tomorrow since you last wrote on your blog. This violates the Blog Readers’ Code of Conduct. Unless you produce an interesting comment by midnight of November 9, you will be severely flogged…or maybe even scourged.

  8. t-bonehttp://tboneshiddenblog.blogspot.com says:

    i’m sorry, its just that the halloween experience was just so traumatic.

    i’m still recovering…

  9. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Did you eat ALL the left over candy? The Sunday before Halloween there was a cartoon in the funny papers about a boy who counted out each piece of Halloween candy and figured out how to make it last till Easter. Sound familiar? 🙂 Although, you always made yours last till Valentine’s Day and from there to Easter. I don’t think you ever made it last over the entire summer, though. [And it was greatly affected by whether or not Dad had gotten into it. ;)]

  10. Matt says:


    I thought of you tonight when I was teaching my girls the art of calling shotgun. I wish I had printed out that blog post you did with all the rules. I gave them the basics, they’ll have to work on the more nuances aspects of shotgun themselves.


  11. T-Bone says:

    a website exists for your own convenience! No longer must we carry on without an authority that is bigger than we are. refer to http://www.shotgunrules.com for the truth!

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