fine, here’s a post

ok, sorry its been just 6 days! been busy with school, the wife, helping a friend move, teaching, discipling, meetings, and the such. i didn’t realize how greedy i was to go out and hang out with my friends last night instead of leaving a post. (all sarcasm, no hard feelings).

so i was just reading on a discussion website between athiests and christians over the existence of God and who actually had the burden of proof. it got me so frustrated and I just lost it when i read that the Christians needed to prove the existence of God apart from the Bible because obviously that was not a reliable source for truth since it is just a claim that it is the Word of God. people went on to say that it was written by fallible men (which is true) and they were sincerely trying to explain their idea of God. Its so convenient that a discussion over God has to be discussed without the Bible. Now i know Romans 1 says that the creation display the knowledge of God, namely his divine nature and his divine attributes. But we also know that it is general revelation and not enough for conversion. Psalm 19 says very nice things about nature declaring God, but it is only the special revelation that can change a heart. So to just throw out the Word at the beginning just tells you where the debate is going to go.

So here’s my question for discussion: What role should the Word of God play in debating? Is there a point to debating apart from the Word?

I certainly feel that i am not the best debator and someone would just love to get me to put the Bible aside. Should we spend time debating things with people who are going to remain unchanged (unless the Word of God change them, that is)? i guess my problem is that no one is going to be saved by ‘convincing them that God exists’ apart from the Bible. We can’t just place the Bible off to the side, we must stand on it and not allow people to chip away at its authority.

i tell my kids that its not necessarily wise to get caught up in debates about Creation or things like that because people aren’t necessarily saved by being convinced that evolution is wrong. they’re saved because the Word of God changes their heart. Does this mean we are to stop dialogue and not study these things? no. we should be able to give a reason for why we believe, but I just don’t believe we should allow these things to be what we’re arguing over and spending so much time on. They are all periphial (sp?) issues in my head.

So what do you think?


2 comments on “fine, here’s a post

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    There’s a difference between preaching the gospel or giving an answer to the hope that lieth in you and “debating”. As the saying goes,’A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.’ But it’s good to answer questions, to make people aware of the authority, consistency, historicity, etc. of the Bible. You can usually tell in a discussion when you’ve reached the point of “debate” and actual consideration of information is no longer happening. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to participate in an online “debate”, but I would be eager to talk with anyone who had an honest question. People do need to know that you don’t have to throw your brains out to believe God’s Word. But that would constitute honest questioning, I would think.

  2. T-Bone says:

    i was talking with the wife about this last night on the way to a Brian McLaren speaking engagement (promoter of Emerging Church movement) (i’ll write about this later). I guess what I was feeling was that if we’re to debate someone on the existence of God, we can’t throw the Bible out. Now, I would feel more comfortable talking to someone about creation vs evolution without holding a Bible in my hand.

    when people want to debate the existence of God, I generally know that they will do their best to humiliate me and make me look ignorant. I’m not good with philosophy and i’m not good with debating. I’d probably walk right into a trap that someone would set. but if i can stand on the Word of God, I feel much more comfortable.

    now, i don’t think someone is going to get saved because they are convinced that evolution isn’t a great idea. BUT it may be useful to soften their heart. I’m just saying that we can’t get caught up in making that the center of our conversation.

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