California Hates Democracy

So yesterday was election day and here in California, as you may have heard, we voted on a number of propositions. Among the propositions were a few from the governor, who wished to bypass the legislature and bring it straight to the people. Unfortunately, ‘Ahnold’ has fallen from grace in the eyes of many, which is not really his fault, and more the fault of a legislature that refuse to make any cuts and refuses to hear the people that vote them in. So you can see why Ahnold wanted to bypass them. This was an opportunity for democracy to rule. This was an opportunity for the people to have a large role in forming the future of California and democracy itself. The only problem is that the people proved themselves too ignorant, too lazy, and too stupid to deserve a vote. (i’ll get to what I think should be the result of this at the end)

For those of you who don’t know, two of the major propositions were about having judges make districts instead of the legislature and making the public worker’s unions get permission before using their people’s money in political causes. These two propositions were remarkably important! The first, proposition 77, was necessary because democracy doesn’t exist in the present climate. The democrats and republicans alike have gotten together and carved out lines so that none of their seats are in danger. In the past election, out of something like 125 seats, NONE changed hands. NONE! There is no competition in the present format, and competition is necessary for democracy to thrive. Instead, we have a legislature full of politicians who have made sure that they can’t be voted out. Therefore, they don’t see it necessary to do the will of the people and just carry on. Sure, once in awhile they’ll throw their voters a bone by looking good passing some law enforcement or education initiative. but they aren’t being kept accountable and that’s wrong.

The other Proposition, was number 75. This was important because unions like the Teacher’s union were spending millions upon millions to fund political causes that did not come close to representing their union. The money they put into elections proved to sway the vote whereever they wanted because it has been proved that whoever throws the most money at a problem usually wins.

Now i’d like to set up for you how each proposition was presented and how they were based primarily on lies. The opponents of 77 said that it was a ‘power grab’ by politicians to get more power, but it was the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! They clouded the proposition by saying that it left the voters out in the cold even though the voters would have had to approve the outcome. They said the judges would be chosen by the politicians, but that was also false. Then they put out these horrible commercials with these three inept old, white judges, turning people against the idea of trusting the judicial system. Then they recruited JUDGE WAPNER! And he, suddenly being relevant again, told people it gave judges too much power (failing to mention again that the people had the final vote). Apparently no one remembered that he was a no one judge who was given a court room because he could be funny. Does no one remember him asking the BALIFF what he thought?! This guy is credible?! (by the way, every newspaper in the state endorsed this, which tells you it wasn’t a power grab) And its convenient that NO politician came out to rally against the prop (even though almost every single one was against it), because they were trying to make it look like it was a political power grab.

Then prop 75 was lambasted, saying that the governor wanted to shut up the voice. Right now people can opt out of giving their money, but its jumping through a lot of hoops and it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do and the union doesn’t exactly promote it like they should. If anything, it was saying that a union shouldn’t spend the money of the people in a way that they would not approve. the union exists to stand up for the rights of its members, not to throw money at issues that have nothing to do with the public servants. So suddenly Ahnold hated public workers and wanted to shut them up.

I guess I knew that these propositions would fail when i saw a letter written in the LA Times. This man was saying that he would vote no, not because he felt strongly about the particular issues, but because he was against the idea of voting on the propositions. He thought that Ahnold should work through the legislature, and not bypass them at make everyone get out and vote. He must hate democracy. Ahnold HAD to do this because he wanted to give the people a voice that couldn’t be heard through the legistlature. but this guy decided to base his voting on the propositions on his opinion on the governor himself. And this ended up being the feelings of the majority of the state. I heard over and over and over again that people were voting against the governors props because they didn’t like him. ARE WE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL HERE?! I remember running for pr person for the chorus in high school. I made a huge sign that was flashy and would catch the eyes as an example of what I would make for the rest of our things. Then I laid out a whole plan on how I would make commercials and get them on the local tv stations which I already had connections with because of my podunk tv show. then this kid, being the most popular kid in the group, gets up and literally says ‘Hi, my name is like, Billy, and I would, like, like to be the, like, P.R. guy. I’d make lots of, like, signs for stuff. So yeah, like, vote for me!’. i don’t think I have to say who ended up winning. This was like a bad flashback to high school when people judged more on personal feelings rather than what the best for our state would be.

So what should we do. This election didn’t change my conviction on what has to be done, but has only strengthened it. Clearly, many have proven the fact that they don’t deserve a judge. I don’t want this schmuck who doesn’t pay attention to anything and votes according to what commercials he sees. We need a test. There needs to be a test that people have to take to prove that they know what the props are talking about. Because clearly people will just believe whatever they are told by a retired tv judge over finding it out for themselves. I know that this is impossible. I know that we can’t make people take a test. So, instead, we must kiss goodbye to democracy, because today, it has been proven that California hates democracy.


6 comments on “California Hates Democracy

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I have a question (since NH doesn’t have them), are Propositions a good idea? An informed/uninformed electorate has always been a problem thoughout history (though TV has GREATLY exacerbated it). And complete, true democracy is rather scary if you think about it. [We have a republic.]

    And how do you address the balance of power? The federal judiciary has certainly shown the dangers of their becoming the lawmakers, rather than the legislative branch. Nor would I want to see an Executive branch making the laws (too high a risk of abuse with so much power invested in so few.) Maybe the answer is to return to a constitutional government, with each branch limited to their proper functions. Is the two party system a major obstacle to a properly functioning government? Things to ponder…

  2. T-Bone says:

    two party being a major obstacle= yes, absolutely. I don’t know how you’ll feel about this, but I’m not a registered republican. i’ve grown to be incredibly tired of the new republican party. i just don’t think that the government exists to baby every person.

    balance of power- i don’t think that the politicians that would benefit from setting districts should be the one setting the districts. the propositions are only necessary because of the problem of these legislators.

    obviously i don’t believe in a full democracy where people vote on everything, but they shouldn’t bemoan an opportunity to vote on some things once a year.

    and now people are whining because of the money the government spent on the election. of course no one is talking about the $260 million that was spent promoting the various sides. And the people that won, i.e. unions, aren’t mentioning the fact that they spent about 2/3 of that. and of course, because of 75 failing, that 2/3 was taken out of the member’s dues. I believe that significant loans were taken out by the unions, so now their in debt.

  3. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Surely you’re not suggesting the Democractic Party promotes limited government?

    [Btw, did you hear about the cargo plane crash behind Walmart on So. Willow St. yesterday? No one was hurt, amazingly, even the pilot was able to get out before it burned. That would have been something to see driving down So. Willow! Dad said there were lots of fenderbenders – I can understand that!]

  4. Tim says:

    no, i didn’t say i was a democrat either…

  5. Jen says:

    Great Debates… I am too tired for these things! get the lost forum started!!

  6. Beth'sMomToo says:

    So you’re in the Green Party? Or just Independent? Do I blame this on Cali or Leah? 😉

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