how about more of those random thoughts?

so i heard on the way into school this morning that Barry Bonds is saying he’s going to lose 40 pounds before next season and will play for the US. Glad to see he’s so obsessed now with being in shape. of course i doubt not being on steroids would help drastically losing 40 lbs… that’s what i like about Barry. he’s proactive. you go out and say that you’ll lose it ahead of time so its not such a shock when you come in looking like you’ve been on TrimSpa all winter.

i like tropical skittles.

so this guy named Tookie Williams is supposed to be executed out here and all these people are coming out to save him because he’s made such a change. They had a rally at San Quintan and even Snoop Doggy Dogg (as my mom would say, i swear, you had to be there. Almost as funny as hearing her say ‘rolling on dubs’) came out to lend his support. If i’m ever in trouble, please don’t have a convicted felon with questionable connections come out and vouch for me. Anyways, he starts talking about how he was convicted in a time when Blacks didn’t have representation. it was 1981, not 1881. And he’s been through all the appeals, even somewhat confessed at one point, and is now saying he didn’t do it. And all his supporters are taking a shot at revisionist history and making up things that never happened. I heard Jim Brown being interviewed on it and even he realized that the thing that is hurting Tookie is the fact that he still isnt admitting to the 4 people that he killed. Oh, by the way, he founded the Crips gang.

go to to sign a petition to keep manny in Boston. Like it would help.

have you heard of this reality show in Great Britain about convincing these people that they’re going to be shot in space? they’ve secluded them at this supposed Russian Cosmonot place, and are going to use a shuttle that was made for the movie “Deep Impact”. they have a couple actors among the group to help convince the others. high comedy.

Where were all these african american protestors who hate the death penalty when that white guy was executed earlier this year? The radio station i listen to went to the rally and interviewed people. These kids were talking about how Tookie should be spared and every other second they were saying ‘youknowwhatimean?’ they kept saying he was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, which he isn’t. he was nominated, which really means nothing. You can tell they totally did that so that they could say he was a Nobel Peace Prize nominee later on down the road.

I saw the Hollywood Parade the other night. sad, just sad. They had all these old b-list celebrities on like David Hasselhof (or The Hoff as is his street name), some guy from Smallville, Mickey Rooney who wouldn’t let his wife take the microphone from him (high comedy moment), Kathie Griffin, a host of celebs that i didn’t know or recognize plus a poor band that traveled all the way to Hollywood for a parade they probably thought was going to be huge. Hollywood is always a disappointment. Every year they have a microphone with some celebrities and talk to them, but it hardly ever works. Every year the people either can’t hear the hosts or the microphone doesn’t work. It usually results in the person just saying “happy holidays!” or “I love this parade!” talking to the people has to be one of the worst ideas. Then if everything does go well, they are a washed over celeb who is just trying to get a plug in to make a buck. ahhh, i love the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Speaking of Hollywood, Gregory Peck’s star was stolen from the sidewalk. Apparently, someone came with a cement saw and just cut it out. The funniest thing is that they don’t know when it happened. They’ve narrowed it down to a five day stretch. Gotta love Hollywood.


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