So i was reading the A-Team blog and ran across a post about how Disney is going about advertising the movie. They are after the Christian community’s money that they are offering Pastors a trip to London and $1000 if they win a contest for mentioning Narnia in a sermon. Philip Ryken said this:

Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Walt Disney Pictures is offering a free trip to London and a thousand dollars in cash to the winner of its promotional sermon contest. To qualify, a sermon has to mention Disney’s new Narnia film. So welcome to a new medium of marketing: the sermo-mercial. It would seem that something more than Aslan is on the move. I wonder: Would mentioning the film while decrying the absurdity of the promotion qualify one’s sermon for the contest?

The most interesting thing may be not that Disney is doing this, but that they recognized that the Church is for sale. They would never have attempted this if the Church in America was acting like they should be.


13 comments on “Narnia

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Hope the woman who commented on Beth’s site doesn’t read this!

    Seriously, this really upsets me. I am so looking forward to seeing the movie and when I see something like this it makes me want to stay away! Are you sure this story is accurate? “Dumping on Disney” is a favorite Christian pasttime, ya know. Where did you get the story from? Are you personally
    familiar with the periodical? My discernment meter is going crazy….I can just see this being spread around, everyone getting up in arms, and have it end up not being true and then people laugh at the “stupid Christians”.

  • Beth'sMomToo says:

    I couldn’t find the article on the site. (They’re not by any chance related to the NATIONAL Enquirer, are they? 😉

  • T-Bone says:

    no, I checked it out. its a real story. philip ryken even commented on it.

  • Jen says:

    So, guess where your Mom went today??? Yup, on a Sunday even! With the youth group!
    Rick mentioned the movies in announcment time. Does that count for the trip to London? 🙂
    Amazing what the “world” will do to entice the Christians.
    I think that it is going to be a big hit! they are comparing it to Harry Potter, I think that if it is as big as that it is going to be great. I know that not everyone really believes the Aslan/Which is God/satan but, maybe there are a few people out there that will see it for that!
    I am going on Tuesday with Betsy’s class. It’s a field trip. Did they ever do that when you were at CCS? 🙂

  • T-Bone says:

    no, things at CCS apparently have changed a bit since i was there.

  • Beth'sMomToo says:

    I loved it, loved it, loved it! [Jen, you’re such a tattletail! ;)] I sat there crying through the entire movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it again when Beth comes down for Christmas. She wants to see both Narnia and Pride & Prejudice – I could see both movies multiple times! Yes, I think it’s fair to say, that in quick succession I have added two more movies to my “see it a million times” list. And that is saying something considering that I’m 55 and have only 3 movies currently on the list! Can you guess which ones they are? [The “How well do you know your family?” game…] The original Star Wars movies don’t count. That just goes without saying…I’m talking about movies seen multiple times IN the movie theater. (If you count DVDs & tapes that would add too many movies!) I also saw the preview for the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel…looks great!! I didn’t notice when it is coming out, though. They were advertising movies coming out a YEAR from now!! What’s with that? I’ll forget by then!

  • Jen says:

    I am a chaperone for the field trip tomorrow. There are 20 kids in Betsy’s class and there are 18 chaperones going! Who do you think wants to see the movie more? The kids or the parents? We are even getting a free promotional popcorn and drink! cool huh? So, are you saying that I need to bring a box of tissues? I didn’t think that it would be a tear jerker! I can’t wait to see it!! I will give my review tomorrow!

  • T-Bone says:

    lets see… I know Titanic (tsk tsk) is one of them. and i know you went and saw Dr. Zhivago (sp?!) a ton when you were in college. I don’t know what the third one is… i’d want to say x-files, but that’s not it. OH! it’s Phantom. duh. yes! I know my mom!

  • Beth'sMomToo says:

    You just scored a point for family closeness. Yes, you do know me. I can’t believe you got all three!

    I remember the first time I went alone to resee a movie (having run out of friends to drag along). I felt a little bit odd. But now it doesn’t bother me at all. Speaking of dragging friends along, Bailey and I are going to see “Pride & Prejudice” tomorrow night. She hasn’t had a chance to see it yet and I’m willing to grab any excuse. 😉

    PS I only liked Titanic for the historical aspect. I would have counseled them about their sin!

  • Jen says:

    I didn’t like Narnia. I think that is was too, just kidding. I think that I am with you on this one Deb, I will be seeing it again in the theater and of course buying it when it comes out on DVD. Did you stay and watch the credits? With Lucy and the professor? good stuff! I hope it isn’t too long before the next one is out!
    What did you think of when the polar bears were pulling the witch? LOST… maybe they are in Narnia! haha… tonight!!
    Tim, I think that you need to go and see the movie so that you can have some input here!! come on…
    Oh, and pirates is coming out in the spring…looks good!

  • Beth'sMomToo says:

    Jennifer…you just made me gasp and yell out loud (could you hear me from your house? :)…what a mean trick to play on someone a tad beyond the prime of life! Good thing I’m not any older, I would have been grasping my heart!

    I believe Tim got to see it’s opening at midnight in Hollywood on the release date, didn’t you, Tim? [One of the advantages of being on the West Coast.]It was kind of funny when we went. Right after the opening scene when the Title credit came up our Youth Group started clapping and cheering and got the whole theater going. I think Troy started it all. It’s nice to know we still have a “Tim” in the group. 😉

  • Beth'sMomToo says:

    Hey, I just noticed. The time date on the posts is in West Coast time, not East Coast time. Everyone knows the world revolves around Eastern Standard Time…

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