Only in L.A.

A couple quick things you all might interested in hearing…

Last Friday night I heard some interesting news. My old roommate, Brian, has been selected to be apart of the next ‘Real World’ on MTV. At first i thought, wow, that’s interesting, and then I thought again and am less excited. He was only at master’s for a year because the coach didn’t renew his scholarship. He played at Baylor, then moved to Master’s then on to another college in Washington. While in Washington he got to know a guy named Shawn Alexander, who happens to be one of the best two running backs in football. They ended up going to the same church and he got ‘discipled’ by Shawn. After graduation he worked for Alexander’s charity organization. And now he’s going to be on Real World. For those of you who don’t know, Real World is one of the original reality shows on MTV where they put a bunch of 20 somethings in a really nice house in some city. Pretty much every person has some personality quirk that would clash with someone else. For example, a southern boy made to live with a gay guy. or a person with a racist attitude thrown in with a loud black girl. They put people in the house with hazerdous habits, like drinking too much and excessive partying.

so basically, I’m going to tell him that I don’t want to see him in the hot tub with a bunch of topless girls. I don’t know what this means for him. He’ll be recognized everywhere he goes and if he ever tried to get a job at a church, this would affect that a lot. I’m just concerned for him.

another ‘only in L.A.’ thing. on the plane on the way home for Thanksgiving, we saw Earth, Wind, and Fire on the plane. We were going to Atlanta, and I recognized at least one of the guys. I’m not sure which one he was, or how many were there, but I know one of them was.

tonight we have our Christmas party. We’re having a Mexicali Christmas party where we’re having a burrito bar and having Santo Clause come. He’s the Clause from the south pole. My mexican friend dresses up in a costume and its really funny. His gifts are cheaper, but more prolific because he takes advantage of cheaper labor and cheaper working conditions. He requests Frijoles instead of cookies. then we got a Pinata and some games. Should be a good time. right now we got about 35 jr highers signed up. good times.


One comment on “Only in L.A.

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Did you mention to R.G. the theme of your event? What could he make out of the letters in “Santo”, I wounder… 😉

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