real post coming soon…

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been on vacation as most of you know and will be available to post more in a couple of days, most likely Thursday. In the mean time, does anyone know of a website or service where I could place a document where one could download it from the internet? I’d like to put some things up, and I’ve been thinking about starting a little newsletter/article thing. so if anyone knows where I could get such a service, please let me know!

Also, I know that some of you have had Lost withdrawals. There’s a new 2-hour episode coming on Jan 11 starting at 8. And I know someone of you have been watching old episodes. Any thoughts? I think my mom has watched the entire first season in a few days. (if i ever did something like that I’d be accused of being a sluggard)


4 comments on “real post coming soon…

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    It’s not my fault…Beth started it. You expected me to continue studying at my desk while she watched episodes of Lost in the next room? And it was pretty much addictive after that…

    So far, we did come up with a few observations that we hadn’t noticed the first time around. In the episode about Walt’s Mom dying…Walt was studying a book about Australian birds and the very bird he was reading about crashed into the plate glass door. Then his stepfather told Michael he didn’t want Walt because “strange things happened around him”. In the Pilot and one other episode, we see Walt looking at that comic book with a polar bear in it. The later episode really lingered on the two superheroes and a guy hooked up to what appears to be the original EEG machine. Wonder where THAT will lead? Didn’t someone say Walt is at the center of everything going on?

  2. Beth'sMomToo says:

    And pardon me for mentioning it, but that is genuine, true blue ART you put on this post!! (I promise not to tell anyone.)

  3. Jen says:

    hmmm… very good observations, I think I need to rewatch the whole first season!
    A newsletter! YEAH…that will be great I am computer illiterate as you all know so, NOPE I can’t help you on that one!

  4. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I noticed another interesting thing in the last episodes of Season 1. Hurley sees THE numbers on the side of the bunker, mentions them to Kate, asking her if they meant anything to her. She said the number 34 did. The Australian farmer turned her in for the $34,000 reward. Now this may be a red herring, BUT…what if each of the numbers means a specific thing to each of the main characters? The numbers would then be the unifying theme. I tried to remember if anyone else mentioned one of the numbers, because I know Kate mentioned the 34 several times, but it didn’t click for me at the time. Does this mean I have to watch them all over again? 😉

    Another observation: On the plane Hurley is reading the Spanish language comic book (hence the Spanish) with the polar bear in it that Walt looks at in two of the episodes. The only picture in the comic book they showed was the polar bear.

    I also noticed all the times other characters were in the background in someone’s “before story” or in the terminal or in line or on the plane. I don’t think the Terminal/airplane appearances are significant, but the “before story” cross-overs do seem more significant. It’s as if to say these peoples lives were interconnected before they even met. Btw, I thought Sawyer’s scene with Jack, explaining about meeting his father and what his father had said, was especially touching. It would be nice to see the Sawyer character change, but unreasonable to think it would happen overnight…just like Kate. She is changing back to what she was like before being on the run, but it’s not complete yet! Sawyer would need to get back to his childhood “self” and forgive that guy before he could be “Normal”. (Hard to picture a “normal” Sawyer!)

    Interesting observation- Jack tells Kate that if they open the hatch they will have a “Locke Problem” and he needs to know she has his back. I believed her when she said she did. Why doesn’t Locke just TELL them about his paralysis? Oh…and what was with JACK yelling, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”? Is that a common character attribute?

    One last question…Is the first episode of Season 2 the one where they end up on the other side of the island with the “tail-enders”? If it is, then I have seen pretty much all of Season 2. If not, don’t tell me what I missed. I’ll catch it in reruns this summer.

    And did they “kill” the island monster/security system when they threw the dynamite in the hole? Was it somehow controlled by an underground computer they knocked out? It hasn’t appeared in Season 2, has it? [Noted LOTS of references to the island as some kind of sentient “being”, which is confirmed in the interview with the writers on the bonus disc, that they wanted to make the island a character.]

    One last idea (I know…I know…), maybe the guys in the fishing boat who kidnapped Walt were NOT actually part of “The Others”, but receiving a reward for doing their dirty work, or being allowed to live in the area unmolested if they did what they were told, etc. They didn’t have that “half-crazed” look “The Others” always seem to have. They seemed like regular people.

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