An Intimidating Opportunity

Well, as a couple of you know, and most of you don’t, as of February 1 I will be the new Student Ministries Director at my church. This past week was one of a lot of overwhelming situations that came up, and on wednesday I found out that our Youth Pastor, Dave Halverson, was going to be moving on to fill a new Outreach/Evangelism Pastor role in the church. This isn’t because he feeled that he had failed or wasn’t qualified for the youth pastor position, but he knew when he took the job that it would probably mean moving on to fill a new pastoral position when the opportunity presented itself and the church was ready.

This lead them to ask me to fill in this role that he was leaving behind for at least the next year and half, until I graduate in May 2007. This situation was very very intimidating and I felt a large feeling of inadequacy as to the role. I did not feel like I was really ready to be ‘the man’ and be the one that everyone looks to and the one who sets the pace. The way things are going, our youth staff is going to be really young, but its a great group of people. They are all commited to the goal of bringing the youth to Christ and presenting them complete in Christ.

Then in chapel on thursday R. Kent Hughes was going through II Corinthians 12 and how God was the power that was behind Paul. We are easily misled to think that people of power are the people that God are behind. That shows through the popularity of crusades and healing shows and the like. But the thing is that God is the power behind the weak. even though I feel like I’m very much not ready for this, I know that God will be faithful to be the strength and somehow allow us to be successful with this ministry.


4 comments on “An Intimidating Opportunity

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Congrats, Tim! I’ll be praying for you…and the kids! Forget EVERYTHING you learned from Loren & R.G. about youth ministry. (Remember all those prayers the kids used to offer up – that “no one would be hurt tonight”?) On the other hand, your Jr Hi kids have survived so far…for the most part…

    Btw, shouldn’t a person in your position learn to proofread what he writes. 😉

  2. Jen says:

    HAHA!! Spell check Tim spell check! I thought that people who read a lot don’t make many spelling or grammer errors, guess I was wrong! 😉
    You are “the Man” for the job! I am very excited (and sad at the same time) that you are going to step up and fill this postion! Those kids will be blessed by having you, and age sometimes younger is better! You can relate better to what the kids are going through. Sometimes being older has it’s bad side too! Things change and unfortunaltly the older you get you seem to remember the way things were and forget that the world is changing everyday so different situations arise that were not there when the “older” workers were younger. YES!! you can put me into that older group! Way more things out there that my kids have to deal with than I ever had to deal with!
    All that to say…don’t smash an egg on an older person, and you will do just fine, just leave it in God’s hands!!
    We will be praying for you! And the wife!!

  3. t-bone says:

    Hook Ed On Pahonix Werk Ed For ME

  4. Jen says:

    You sorta spell like my sort term memory Megan…she is in the learning center to fix that stuff…Do you have one of those out in CA?

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