Update on Life Itself

As most of you have noticed, I haven’t really been posting a lot lately, so here’s a rundown of what’s been going on. We’re going through a lot of discussions and changes in our youth program. I’ve had a couple meetings with some staff members to pick their brains and to see what their opinion of what was going on. The staff has been great with the change of leadership and I’ve been refreshed with the discussions about what we are going to do.

It has been pretty difficult to get my mind around everything that i’m supposed to be in charge of. I pretty much have that feeling like I have to be missing something, and hopefully that something isn’t something big and significant.

This upcoming weekend we’re having an all day staff meeting where we’re going to bring everything into question. We’re going to talk about all the staple events that we have, see what the purpose of it is, if we’re meeting that, how we can better do that, and even maybe asking ourselves if we should be doing that. It has been a relief being able to step up into this position with a knowledge of how things work. I’m not new to the program. I know the way things go and I know the staff and how they operate, so its been easier to evaluate things right away.

In high school we’re about to start a section of Theology Proper in Sunday School. I’m looking forward to teaching deeper theology to some kids that can think on a deeper level. We’re going through Grudem’s Systematic Theology, and they just finished Bibliology.

I’ll give a little more of an update after Saturday, when we make our decisions. But please pray that this meeting will go well, and that I won’t abandon school because I’m doing what I love to do!


One comment on “Update on Life Itself

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Glad to hear things are progressing. Leah will have to get you one of those uber Time Organizers…or you could just have her write everything down. Ah, partnership.

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