Stay Classy San Diego- pics to come!

This past weekend the wife and I had our real first vacation since our honeymoon and we went down to San Diego for the weekend. We stayed at a place called Humphrey’s that was designed to look like Hawaii. It was a really beautiful place. the pool area was great, a heated pool surrounded by palm trees and tropical flowers, with a nice 12 person hot tub off to the side. Then there was a little bar that you could order drinks from and a phone to order food out to the pool. We spent each night relaxing in the hot tub, broken up by time in the heated pool to cool down.

After arriving we went to downtown San Diego and walked around a shopping area and dined on some Mongolian BBQ. We barely made it alive, since Leah kept telling me to go the wrong way on a one way street. (Side note: never try to find a parking spot in San Diego. They are all controlled by the people who own the parking structures that make you pay $10 to park for just dinner. I know the people that own them are parking their cars and taking up every single spot on the streets.)

On Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo.

Before we left for the weekend, it looked like it was going to rain, and that morning everyone was saying it was going to rain, but ended up having a great day. It was a little cool, but that was good because we did a lot of walking. We started by riding around the park on a bus, taking in the whole zoo. First of all, its huge. We walked all around and still didn’t really see everything. Second of all, they have some great displays and set ups.

We started by seeing the Koalas (which are not bears, but marsupials). There were some tree kangaroos there too that more walked around than hop, and they were the size of Koalas. From there we walked down to some monkey displays and then saw the Pandas.

they had just had a baby in the last year, and had the momma and daddy separated and the babby with the momma. they were really beautiful animals and the baby just hung out in the tree.

Before lunch we also saw the

polar bears, lions, ibex, leopards,

a black panther,

zebras (they tell which one is which by the print around their butts),


and brown bears.

We saw these little guys called a dorcus something and Leah thought they were really cute. this is her doing her sign language for ‘cute’.
We ate lunch on this patio that overlooked a lot of the park and hung over the panda pen. It was such a great view up there. After lunch we headed to the monkey section of the zoo. We hung out and watched the apes for awhile. they were great! There was a young ape that kept messing around and chasing what seemed to be the mother. they kept flying all around trees, over hills and around the other apes. There was this huge silver back ape that was definitely in charge. One time he charged a couple of the apes and cleared them out and then came charging up to the glass where Leah and I were standing and stopped right on the other side. it was really scary because you felt like if he wanted to, he could just break right through and break us in half.

then there was this other ape that seemed to be the reject of the group. he was sitting in front of us for a little while, staring at me, looking at Leah, and then started to get up and walk away. Before he got up, i saw him pick up a bunch of pieces of his own fecal matter and walked over to the other side of the viewing area. There he progressed to rolling up such pieces and began to consume them. it was so gross. we were joking around that the other apes were going over to him as an intervention, “Hey man, what are you doing?! You’re making a fool of yourself! Get a hold of yourself, man! You’re making us look bad.” Then he walked up the hill, grabbed some more poop, and walked back down and kept on eating them.

We took off after sitting and watching the apes for awhile and watched some smaller monkeys for awhile. There were these walkways in the air so you could look down on the monkeys and we sat up there and watched them clean each other and pick at themelves. It was really neat to see them look things over and pick at things with their little fingers. so human like. of course not one of them said hi to me or even waved, so there are still quite a few differences.

we finished the day off looking at the reptiles and the petting zoo. they had a bunch of suffolks and a couple southdowns in the petting zoo that were not very friendly. the only animals that were really friendly were the stupid goats, giving sheep a bad name and making people think they like goats. they needed to get some hampshire sheep in there, to make the group better looking and more friendly.

After leaving the zoo we drove through the rest of Balboa park and want to go back there sometime. they have some great huge, old buildings and its just a great place to walk through. We then headed up to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset over the ocean. It was a little cloudy right on the horizon, so we couldn’t see the sun go all the way down, but it was still a great sunset.

On Sunday we ordered room service for breakfast, packed, played a few games of croquet, which Leah won 3 games to 2. Then we took off to La Holla (pronounced Hoya for you non spanish speaking people). We walked up the coast after practically having to park in Mexico, and saw some seals up on the beach. Apparently at least one of them was pregnant and was ready to give birth, so they weren’t letting people near them on the beach. We walked up to this place called ‘La Holla Caves’ and paid $5 to walk down into it and see the only cave that could be accessed from land. These were a series of six caves that the water had created by pounding against the cliff. We were expecting a little more than about 200 steps down to see a big hole in the rock. rip off. they wanted us to pay $4 each, but I only had $5 on me. they made it seem like you could walk through these cool caves, but you could only walk down and stand on this little deck built in the opening.

Finally, we headed up north, only after returning back to the hotel after discovering that Leah had left her pillow in the room. We got home safe and sound that evening, and had to hit the books and get back to work right away. the weekend was very relaxing and we’re looking forward to our next chance to get away!


20 comments on “Stay Classy San Diego- pics to come!

  1. J.R. Freiberg says:

    that la Jolla

  2. T-Bone says:

    woops, that’s right. i’m white…. very white….

  3. J.R. Freiberg says:

    so is everyone who lives in La Jolla

  4. Nikki says:

    AWWW…cute pics! I’m still waiting to go to the SD zoo. One of these days 🙂

  5. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend…finally. Btw, you haven’t taken me for Mongolian BBQ yet (remember the place was closed?). We’ll have to remember to go the next time I come out.

    I can tell you learned something about viewing parks after all those years we went to the timeshare in Florida. When Dad and I travel in Europe we usually take a bus tour of some kind first when we’re in a major city. It helps to give you an overall view and helps you pick out where you want to spend your time. Good thinking!

    Glad to see you’re still loyal to Hamps! I never HAVE met a friendly Southdown. They’re cute, but they don’t particularly care about people (unless they were a bottle lamb!). Socks would have been a good choice for a petting zoo. She just loved people. And remember her lamb that we sold to that couple from Mass. who saw her at the first fair? She lived a long life of visiting nursing homes, schools, etc. The owners even sent me a letter letting me know about her death at a ripe old age. And goats have no pride…

    Thanks for all the good pictures! I’ve put one up for wallpaper. (not the one of you two curling your tongues! Who knew you could both do that? I thought only Beth could curl her tongue. Your children are sure to be multi-talented. Just wait until they get to Snow Camp!)

  6. T-Bone says:

    i thought the petting zoo could have used Samora, my favorite sheep… i miss Samora.

  7. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I forgot about her! Did we buy her or was she bred & owned?

  8. Doug Wilcox says:

    Leah’s sign for “cute” is reminiscent of manual strangulation.

    You know, my kids are often “cute” that way …

  9. Doug Wilcox says:

    Also good to see pictures of Tim not wearing a dress.

  10. Jen says:

    Good Doug, real good!! 😉

    My fave is on the rocks! I can’t wait to get out to CA someday!

    Nikki, we can hit the zoo together! Sounds like a good plan, what do you think?

  11. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Where are the pictures of the penguins? You did go to see the penguins, right? right?

    And Doug, I think that now Tim has been promoted to Youth Director we’ll have to retire the “Grammy’s dress” picture. (Although you might want to keep it against the day he may try to hold something against YOU…I’ve got NaNi searching for an equally good pic of you.. 😉 Maybe we could do something with that worshipping sled gods thing…

  12. T-Bone says:

    they didn’t have penguins 😦 I was thinking about that afterwards. no rockhoppers.

  13. Doug Wilcox says:

    Okay, I’ll lay off teasing Tim about his dressing habits. After all, we’re proud to have people like these in the Wilcox family.

    I’ll bet NaNi will come up with some great photos, so I’ll have to be very careful!

  14. Beth says:

    Nobody remembers Somora except for Tim. Be sure Leah names the kids not Tim- remember “Star”- yeah another reason why Leah should name the kids.

    Does the Sandiego Zoo have a safari-like type of section? I thought it was more similar to the Disney land version of zoos (whatever that place is named).

    Primates are disgusting and freaky. At least he wasn’t throwing his feces at you. Typically when animals eat their own feces it is because they are undernourished- like horses, but in species like rabbits they do all the time b/c they digest little of it the first time through. Maybe the gorilla was just a weird behavioral thing.

    Glad you guys got to get away!

  15. t-bone says:

    somora was a GREAT name. remember i named her after the little girl on the plane to Jamaica who was going home after getting cancer treatment. i’m such a humanitarian. I don’t remember naming Star. But I did name Satchel (Satchel Paige) and Hershel (Hershel Walker).

  16. Clover says:

    Didn’t Harry Belafonte do a song about Somora?

    Whoops. Never mind. That was Senora.

  17. Ian says:

    Somora’s! I love somora’s! All that graham cracker, chocolate, marshmal…oh, wait…

  18. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I had forgotten the names of all your sheep! And, yes, now I remember that little girl. She was a sweetie! She had been in Boston for cancer treatment and was flying back home to Jamaica. I played “Go Fish” with her for a looong time (her Mom looked REALLY tired, as I recall). Didn’t we switch seats & you played cards with her, too? And then she saw us as we were going through Customs and invited us to her house. I assumed this was completely her idea, not her Mom’s. Now I wish I had made sure (but how do you do that without putting her Mom on the spot?). I’ve wondered from time to time if she is still alive. She was so full of life – a great little kid! She would be quite grown up by now, however. Wouldn’t it be neat to meet her in heaven some day?

  19. Beth'sMomToo says:

    And it was Samora, with an “a”, you guys…

  20. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I think you’re thinking of the associated part of the San Diego Zoo where I had gone with Carol Kroeter. It was a wild animal park and they did all the breeding there. You rode around on a tram looking down at them in their ‘natural’ habitats. I remember everything was horribly overgrazed, like at Busch Gardens, and I kept wondering about the problems they must have with worms. Would you want to worm wild animals? Not I! I also remember the zebras were off by themselves because they were so nasty tempered they couldn’t be trusted not to hurt other animals.

    Disney’s wild animal park was heads and shoulders above that place! They had HUGE land areas to roam around in and we rode through on these all terrain vehicles that were really high up. (I remember stopping and waiting for a rhino to get off the road. The animals had dibs.) They had it set up so well you couldn’t tell they had barriers keeping the big cats isolated from the other animals. They were hidden with a natural looking berm. There was plenty of grazing and even the animals outside the open area, in cages, had really huge cages which were not overpopulated and had grass growing! I was really impressed! I had never seen an animal park so well done! That’s why I felt bad the media had made such a big deal about the animals that died from the stress of transporting them to the new park, as if Disney had done something abusive. Remember how some of the sheep got fevers from the stress of being transported for the first time? I remember we even lost one because of it, even though we brought her to the vet and she had a transfusion. Remember?

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