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Glad we finally found out that Bush knew Katrina was going to be bad. He’s the president, he should have stopped the hurricane. Maybe if our army wasn’t in Iraq and Afghanistan it could have fought the hurricane. He at least could have said something ahead of time to let people know that they should leave the city.


Seriously, though, I can’t believe Bush came out and said that the cartoons shouldn’t have been published. What is he expecting to gain by sucking up to the Arabs like this? They’re still rioting and burning him in effigy even though he didn’t print them. That got him nowhere.


Did you hear about that Ferrari Enzo (a price tag of $1 million) that crashed in Malibu after hitting a pole going 162 mph? This German guy owned it and said that he wasn’t the driver and a guy named Deitrich owned it and ran away after the crash. Uh huh…. But Stefan the owner and purported ‘passenger’ was legally intoxicated and had a bloody lip. It seems that the passenger air bag lacked a spot of blood on it, but the drivers side did. So, Stefan, you’re telling us a guy got up and ran away after crashing at 162 mph? To make it even more odd, a couple guys showed up after the accident and showed police badges, claiming to be Homeland Security. It turns out they weren’t. Good luck, Stefan.


Speaking of Ferrari’s, Dr Phil’s is on sale. And the license plate says ‘Dr. Phil’, just in case somewhat thought it was another tall, bald guy in a Ferrari.


When did people start believing that the Bill of Rights gives them the right to say anything anywhere? Don’t people realize that if they are working for someone their employer can tell them not to say something? People get so upset if they get fired from a radio station or teaching job, but the employers set the rules. No one is saying you can’t say those things in your own time, you just have to follow the wishes of your boss.


On that note, censorship. John Milton wrote a very good piece on censorship and I think that this word is being tossed around a bit too much. Censorship isn’t someone deciding not to run your movie, print your book, air your words, or remove your art. That is their freedom. Censorship is someone changing your words, editing your movie, or repainting your art. Censorship is a post-production change to your product apart from the artist/author’s wishes. Seems like everyone loves to cry wolf about someone not running their piece, but they don’t realize it isn’t their right.


There are no good movies out. Beth called me the other day, saying she wanted to go to the movies and asked what was good to see. I said, “that’s presuming there IS anything good out.” She asked about ‘Transamerica’ and if that was good. I said, “Other than it being about a guy becoming a female?” I sort of wish I told her it was great and she needed to see it.



4 comments on “random thoughts

  1. Beth says:

    Yeah a post by Tim!
    OK so my one TV channel doesn’t play many movie previews.
    Did you and Leah make it to the Oscar’s? I figure since you’re in the area.

    I could stand to watch about 36 minutes of it before I wanted to show them a little wrath of God. George Clooney sure is arrogant. John Stewart did a good job making fun of Hollywood and saying how out of touch it was with the rest of the country then Clooney stood up and said how proud he was that Hollywood was out of touch- the first ones to discuss AIDS, the first movie with a black actor… as if Hollywood cured AIDS or initiated integration. Didn’t Crash end racisism? Oh, it didn’t- my bad.

  2. Tim says:

    i only watched the beginning and saw that speech by Clooney and totally agree with you. Just because they make their living lying to people (please read: not saying acting is sin) they are so qualified to have their opinions heard. I’d just like to see some of them put their money where their mouth is and poney up some money for some of these cuases they are so passionate about. do they really need the $15 million they get for a picture?

  3. Doug Wilcox says:

    Now I wish you’d recommended Transamerica to Beth. What fun that would have been! Is it to late to convince her to see Brokeback Mountain?

    :: begin rant here ::

    Media can be used for beneficial causes: I’d never felt the Christian allegory in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as clearly as I did in the film; I had tears in my eyes through the last half. West Side Story or Remember the Titans have excellent anti-racism messages.

    On the other hand, we’re dealing with the single-digit-percentages of “good,” if even that high, that gets buried under what we might gently describe as “filth.” Even my beloved West Side Story hints at premarital sex being acceptable and normal (the stage version is slightly more explicit): (Rosalia speaking) “They have a quaint old-fashioned custom in this country, Maria: they get married here before the wedding night.” It annoys me about how permeated with this idea virtually every television program or film is—but such is to be expected in a society so awash in Postmodernism, where there is no objective right and wrong.

    One of my favorite moral movies is Star Trek: Insurrection. It’s all about doing what’s right, regardless of the consequences, and is very anti-Machiavellian:

    Picard: We are betraying the principles upon which the Federation was founded. It’s an attack upon its very soul… and it will destroy the Ba’ku, just as cultures have been destroyed in every other forced relocation throughout history.

    Admiral Dougherty: Jean-Luc, we are only moving 600 people.

    Picard: How many people does it take, Admiral, before it becomes wrong? Hm? A thousand? Fifty thousand? A million? How many does it take, Admiral?

    :: end of rant ::

  4. Doug Wilcox says:

    Of course, most people don’t know what’s in the Bill of Rights, anyway:

    D’oh! More know Simpsons than Constitution – Study: America more familiar with cartoon family than First Amendment


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