What country am I in?

As you probably all have seen or heard by now, we had some pretty significant marches over the weekend in protest of the bill that passed through the house about illegal immigrants. Being so close to the action and seeing the effects of this around me, I thought I’d offer my thoughts.

1. I think it tells us something that throughout the entire protest, one could sparsely find an American flag amongst them. Now remind me, but aren’t they marching because they want to be legal and citizens, yet they’re marching through the streets waving the flags of the countries that they are here illegally from. hmmm…..

2. People are taking a small part of the bill and saying that they could get arrested because on of their friends is illegal and they aren’t turning them in. Not only is that NEVER going to happen, but there won’t ever be a church charged for feeding an illegal immigrant. Now if they go and hire one, that’s another issue. The bill is constructed to go after the ones who employ illegals, not churches. Its just a case of opponents pulling wording out and twisting it to create fear. Unfortunately, Californians have been notorious for falling for such rhetoric.

3. There were many students that got called to march. This should mean almost nothing. Lets think about it. So word is going through innercity schools saying we’re going to ‘walk out’ and how many of them are really concerned with the cause. Come on! It’s a walk out! Most of them are just looking for an excuse to get out. And these are maybe the people that should be affected most by this, because the classes are so overbooked as a result of the illegal immigration. The hospitals are overflowing and running down because of the masses that flow through that have no insurance, i.e. illegals.

4. These kids started walking out on the freeways and then one news said kids were walking through pools to symbolize the struggle of an immigrant coming to the US. what’s that supposed to mean?! What about the struggle it is for those that decide to do it legally?

5. This whole march thing was just being fed by the media. We were watching the news and they were basically challenging people to show up the next day. It was a big 4 minute advertisement for the march the following day. Then the local spanish speaking radio personalities were pushing it with their shows. They have a huge following, and were able to draw out so many.

6. I heard that California’s own Senator Diane Feinstien lawded these illegal immigrants by saying they were ‘good citizens’. Ummm…. should someone let Diane know that the whole problem is that they AREN’T citizens?

7. These pictures should impact the people in the middle of the country to awaken them to the major problem of illegal immigration is here and will be in other parts of the country.

8. There is one town around here that has proclaimed itself as a safe-haven for illegal immigrants. The mayor, who suprisingly was a young guy, probably just wanting to make a name for himself, said that they won’t be towing the cars or penalizing immigrants who drive without a license. This is a freedom that I’M not granted. So they’re telling me if I get pulled over without a license I’d get prosecuted, but an ILLEGAL immigrant wouldn’t. Brilliant. The mayor was asked about how they plan on dealing with the mass of illegals who won’t be paying taxes, and he said the plan was to increase business and increase sales taxes. Great, penalize the people that have done things honestly.

9. This is a great insult to the people that have gone through the process legally and correctly. Even discussing things like amnesty is only encouraging people to get here enmass before the amnesty starts. Of course they’re saying that they need to prove that they’ve been in the country for a certain amount of time. Yeah, sure.


2 comments on “What country am I in?

  1. Beth says:

    I didn’t realize Feinstien was from CA- figures.

    The whole mentality is what bothers me. We are a country- the government has an interest in protecting the country and the people in the country. If we allow everyone in the world who wanted to come here- they would and the country would desintigrate into a third world country. We have always limited migration- even when the immigrants were white- they just went to Canada. The mexicans definately have something going here- the irish, the polish, the Jews trying to escape Nazi Germany were never so vocal and organized as the mexicans- nor did the media latch on to the cause.

  2. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I was remembering how it took the Lins 10 years to get permission to move here! But they persevered. Then they studied literally every day, for several years, to be able to pass the Naturalization tests! I was very proud of them when I attended their Naturalization ceremony. They, and all the people being naturalized in Faneuil Hall that day had done everything asked of them to become US citizens. I believe the current debates often leave out the issue of legality and make it sound as if those in favor of naturalization laws being enforced are against immigration (usually adding some word connected to ____phobic). The Sudanese who have legally settled in Manchester, NH the last few years waited decades in refugee camps in order to legally gain entrance to the US and they are working very hard towards their goal of becoming naturalized citizens. THESE are the people that need to be applauded!

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