Narnia Night

Last night we had a little schindig called ‘Narnia Night’ to celebrate the release of the DVD. We just had a new projector hung in the youth center, so we officially broke it in and showed Narnia up on the big screen. Mix that with the subwoofers turned up a bit to make Aslan’s roar shake the ground a bit, and it was like we were at the Theater. We brought couches from around the place and popped a ton of popcorn, sat down and enjoyed the movie with over 34 kids. It was a night that really makes youth ministry fun, just hanging out with kids and having fun. At the end we had a raffle and gave the DVD away to one lucky kid.

One thing that did bug me was this group of 8th grade boys. It seemed like through almost the whole movie they sat there and just mocked it, because that’s the cool thing to do. I know that I was exactly like that, but these guys were just bitter and angry. Its this attitude that our culture breeds in young men. They always have to be critical and mock anything they can. This makes it difficult to do anything that is serious because their first reaction is to mock it. This critical attitude only bitterness and anger, which doesn’t make them any better, but may earn them good standing in the eyes of some of their peers because they can mock anything.

on a different note, this weekend we’re having a little thing called Urban Submersion. We’re taking a group of our high school leaders into inner city L.A. and opening them up to inner city ministry. Its going to be a challenging weekend with what they’ll be doing, but I think it will be great. I’d really appreciate your prayers for safety and effictiveness this weekend. I’ll be sure to give more details later!


6 comments on “Narnia Night

  1. Jen says:

    Why am I not suprised that you turned the volume UP so that you could hear Aslans roar!! You did complain about that when you saw it in the theater…you said they didn’t give it the effect they needed to!! Leave it to you!

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish my kids could be there! 🙂

    The boys in your group, yeah…that is a general attitude that they have. I don’t think that parents ever see it. The kids are smart enough to make sure not to do it when Mom and Dad are around. And some parents who do see it just shrug it off! “It is there age” NO IT IS NOT!!! I will say that girls can do it too. (unfortunatly) that really irks me! It does seem to be cooler for the boys to do it though. WHY is that? If my kids do something like that I really hope that people will let me know…you need to be on top of the kids for everything! Good, bad and ugly! praise them for the good and correct them for the other things! hopefully it is more praise as they get older but, some kids just don’t get it! OK…I will step off my soap box!

    Now, did you watch LOST yet? hmmm….

  2. Beth says:

    Two girls at church who work in the youth ministry there were commenting on the same thing- a subset of boys who mock. One of the girls also teaches Jr. High at school so she gets a double dose. She was saying how she tried to handle it, but I totally forgot.


  3. T-Bone says:

    HEY! I haven’t watched the episode yet!!!! You can’t post stuff if I haven’t seen it. i thought mom would put a post up by now.

  4. Beth says:

    Ha! Ha! I can still annoy you 600 miles away!

  5. T-Bone says:

    600?! what, are you in colorado or something?

  6. Jen says:

    no, she just has a pregnant brain…just forgive your nephew! 🙂

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