Beverly Hills

The little lady and I spent the afternoon in Beverly Hills and Bel Air on Saturday. It was one of those trips that we just wanted to see those things when we had the opportunity. We drove on Santa Monica Blvd through West Hollywood (San Francisco South) and it was just amazing to see the change of scenery when we got into Beverly Hills. Everything was suddenly so much nicer, no dumpy shops, so dirty streets. Next thing you know, you’re crossing Rodeo Dr and cars that are worth more than you’ll make in 10 years are driving by.

We got out and walked down Rodeo Dr. We went in Giorgio Armani and Louis Vitton (sp?). We saw a pair of shoes for over $750. They were just high heels. We also saw all the great designers, jewelry shops, and salons. After walking around for awhile, we got back in the car and went to go see all the great gates of the really nice houses. you couldn’t see any houses because the fences and bushes were so high. We drove all the way to the top of the hill on Bel Air Dr. and got a gorgeous view of the whole downtown area. It was so high up and you could see everything, including down onto some of the nice houses with tall gates.

After descending the hills, we got back out and walked down Beverly Blvd, which is one street over from Rodeo. there were more normal shops there, like Gap, Starbucks, and one shop that had everything under $15. I was somewhat expecting a .99 cent store the next street over, but there was a Rite Aid: Beverly Hills there. I wish I took a picture of it because it was so funny. It had the normal ‘Rite Aid’ sign, then Beverly Hills in cursive under it. An elegant and rich Rite Aid.

We also went to the Museum of Television and Radio. It wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but was still fun. They basically have something from every show there, and you just search for it, print off your selections and then they take you to this room with tvs and headphones and you can watch your program. It’d be really good for home schoolers to watch the old tape of historic events. But Leah and I watched an old episode of Newsradio ( a very underrated sitcom from the 90’s).

here’s a picture for my dad, the closest thing to a farm or tractor for him.

Then we made our way back to San Gabriel, thankful that we aren’t slaves to the things of that town. There were so many people there just in awe like they reached their Mecca. Then there others that were blowing $800 on a pair of shoes.


6 comments on “Beverly Hills

  1. Beth says:

    Before people spend $800 on shoes they should do a manditory stint in your poverty awareness program or spend at least 10 minutes in a third world country (in an area besides the resort).

    So… does Leah approve of the title “little lady”?

  2. t-bone says:

    i call her that because I try to limit my referring to her by her name should ‘someone’ be searching for this blog…

  3. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I think it’s hysterical that they have a $15 store instead of a 99 cents store! It shows you the value of a dollar in their eyes. Actually I’m surprised it’s not a $20 store or $50 store!

    When we were in London last time I spent some time walking through Selfridges (sp?)on Oxford St, it’s a really upscale department store. They had designer “nooks”, one for each designer. Each nook had it’s own employee (imagine having that much help in a regular department store!!) and NO price tags on anything! If you had to ask how much it cost, you couldn’t afford it! I checked out the Armani nook. Their tailoring is just out of this world. If you sew you can just SEE the difference with really good tailoring, even if it’s on a dummy or rack. But I admit I didn’t dare to actually TOUCH anything! One of the things that really struck me, besides the fantastic tailoring skills of Armani, was how many young women were shopping there. Many looked as if they might have travelled from other countries to shop there. I was trying to imagine what it would do to a teenager to have the buying power for such things at such a young age…to EXPECT that they could afford things I couldn’t even bring myself to touch.

    I noticed in your pictures that despite the wealth, they have just as much smog as San Gabriel.

  4. Jen says:

    Hey Tim!! I am only one person writing on my blog! What is your excuse? 🙂 and check out the date. It is the 30th not the 20th!! AND you filled my inbox because you were clicking and clicking!! I needed to moderate my comments! go and see, I did write a new one tonight!

    OH, Beverly Hills…Rodeo Drive…I have seen them on the Beverly Hillbilly’s one of the kids fave shows! Looks a little different back then to now though!

  5. T-Bone says:

    jen, your blog never gave me a message that it was going to be approved. one time it said I didn’t fill something out, even though I did, another time it did something else weird. not my fault your blog is messed up.

  6. Jen says:

    thanks Tim!!:)

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