Hebraisms & Fleas

I came across a great line while translating a passage out of Hebrews today. [Btw, if you feel your life is not exciting enough…I highly recommend trying to translate and exegete the Greek in the Book of Hebrews 😉 It’ll clear your sinuses right out…]

In Hebrews 2:6, the beginning of the verse literally says “But someone testified somewhere saying…” “But someone testified somewhere”? Even I, a Gentile, know who said the following quote and where it’s from. It just sounded funny to me in the English, as if the writer of Hebrews couldn’t remember where he had read it before, like us saying “I think it says SOMEWHERE in the Bible…”. Of course I know he didn’t mean it that way and it’s probably a Hebraism, but it made me chuckle when I read it. [Btw, if you’re ever translating and you’re not sure of an unusual construction, it’s a pretty safe bet to say “It’s a Hebraism”. It’s sort of like little kids answering “Jesus” to every question you ask them in SS. ;)]

I also saw an interesting news item on MSNBC just now. “LA Woman Diagnosed with Bubonic Plague”. Now that’s a headline you don’t see every day, and I thought it interesting that it occurred in LA (I don’t know if she was from Beverly Hills or not…probably not.) Reading further I noticed they were trying to allay fears by telling us that it hasn’t happened in LA for a long time…not since 1984!! That’s a long time? C’mon…a “long” time is 1346-1351 when the Black Death decimated Europe. THAT’S a “long time” ago! [The article does mention that it’s not contagious in this early stage, and that the woman had been exposed to fleas (the carriers)in her home. So…T&L- let’s take care of ANY fleas you may happen to find! Use flea bomb on the place! And NO PETS!]


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