Another Busy Weekend

This past week has just been a crazy week for me. Last weekend we had our Jr High Lock-In, followed by my finals week, followed by Guy/Girl Retreats this weekend. The guys went up into the mountains and camped for the night and the girls drove out to Riverside to do girl stuff. On the way up the mountain, my car decided to eject its transmission fluid at an alarming rate, creating a wall of smoke behind my car. My friend Conor went down to get me more fluid thinking that might help. So we added a pint and got about five more miles before we pulled over and it was just pouring out the bottom. So we pooled the guys to the camp site, and Conor and i got it towed back down and I drove the church van up the mountain. Why we didn’t just take that to begin with, I don’t know.

So you could all pray that we take care of this car situation. I may have to drop my summer class, as I will not be able to get out there for it. It starts Tuesday so unless something is done soon, it isn’t looking good. So the prayer is, “God, your car broke down. Time for another one.” We had been looking into getting a new (new to us, that is) car, but couldn’t afford it and were hoping to make it through seminary on this one.

But this didn’t completely dampen the guys trip. We enjoyed wrestling, throwing rocks, eating meat, playing with fire, and talking about what it means to be a man biblically. We had a real good group of guys and it was a good time to allow them all to continue to bond and grow into a tightly knit group. Pray that God would use these guys to step up into leadership and make a difference in this valley for the Gospel.

Leah hasn’t gotten back yet, so I’ll be sure to post what happened with the girls!


One comment on “Another Busy Weekend

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I’m praying God will provide you with a safe vehicle that you can afford. If only it had lasted one…more…year…

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