Last one of the year… :(

Ok, we saw a lot last night and I know I’m not sure what to think, so lets talk it over!


29 comments on “Last one of the year… :(

  1. T-Bone says:

    ok, i had written something, but the program closed on me. I’m not sure what to think about the finale.

    – check out they got like five jobs like Organ Courier and Anger Managament person. That one was in Korea. There’s one in Santa Barbara. Also they say that they give grants to people, would that be the Dharma connection?

    – Michael was told to follow a compass, but would the EMP ruin the compass?

    – Why kate Jack and Sawyer?

    – What’s with the statue?

    – i don’t think that Henry is ‘the man’. i think he is the man of the ‘others’ but there is someone over him.

    – people are talking about Atlantis playing a role, but I don’t think so.

    – i think Pen’s dad has something to do with Hanso. did she know about the EMP and so she knew how to track Desmond? She said anyone with enough money and determination can find anyone.

    – what was with the large bird? did it say Hurley’s name?

    – what did they mean when they said that they got more than they bargained for with Walt. Was that a good more or a bad more. Walt’s stepdad had said that things happen with Walt around. but if it was a good more why would they give him up? and Henry said they were good people and wanting to do good things and they keep their word. but he was lying the whole time in the hatch.

  2. Beth says:

    So that was an EMP?
    That explains why the metal was flying around and the plane went down- or at least he thought he brought it down. Why all the light? I feel like they are in some parallel universe or in a large terrarium.

    So not pushing the button resulted in an EMP- it was “real”- but real in their world or real in general?

    4 toed statue- aliens? Or is that the new race of people they are trying to engineer.

    I loved the part where Jack was doing everything he could to save Kate (*sigh*). Tim asked why Kate, Jack and Sawyer- hellllooo- to keep the love triangle going.

    The part where Michael confesses was good/sad.

    So, Libby gave the Scottish guy the boat- was that significant- or just another example of how interconnected everyone was prior to being on the island.

    I definitely have to see it again.

  3. T-Bone says:

    – does anyone think that Desmond ended up in jail because of running away from the Iraqi war? Charles Widmore said that he is a coward and running away. i feel a sayid connection coming on.

    – i hated the plan of Sayid. I didn’t like them being the separated.

    – I had told leah that Michael had just repeated everything that ‘the others’ had let him see. it seemed obvious to me that

    – anybody catch eko saying to locke, don’t tell me what I can’t do? exactly what Locke had said in his back story and in previous episodes

    – i didn’t think that they would find Michael had killed libby and ana lucia. that whole scene didn’t end the way that it should have or would have.

  4. T-Bone says:

    do the others want to study the love triangle? are they curious about this crazy thing called love?

    there are some thoughts that they are in an alternate place where things like polar bears, foot statues, rock formations and such can get transported. was it protected by the EMP somehow and now that its down will be able to be discovered by people?

  5. Jen says:

    OK…did anyone notice that Libby was pregnant????…huge belly as she was sitting at the table with Desmond. Did her baby die? is that why she was in the hospital?? hmm….

    I jotted down some notes last night, how bad is that? But, I don’t have time to write them down right now, gotta get the kids!

  6. T-Bone says:

    kelvin- the other guy in the hatch was the intelligence officer from Sayid’s back episode. didn’t catch that.

    razinski (sp?)- the guy that was in the hatch before. why did he edit the video?

  7. Jen says:

    good one T. I was trying to figure out how we knew him!! I didn’t even think of him!! GOOD CALL!

  8. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Best line: “I guess I was wrong.”

    The island is made up of iron. Dad noticed part of the sign on the building at the dock said “Para Ferr….”; that would mean “like iron…”. The electromagnetism must be what lured Dharma. They must have tried to control it and use it. Why did they all disappear? Yet they are still making food drops. Because of the electromagnetism, Michael and Walt will be back in about 6 weeks (isn’t that how long it took Desmond to do the circle?). They told him to keep his compass on a particular heading. If he does that, then his compass will malfunction and he’ll end up back where he started. So we may be seeing them again.

    I bet the Big Cheese is Penny’s father, Charles Widmore. Or at least he is financing it. She obviously found out something about it and hired those two guys to monitor electromagnetic bursts from the other side of the world. Did you catch that they said they had “missed” the last one? THAT must have been when Desmond let it go into system failure and the plane crashed. Somehow she knows Desmond ended up on that island.

    Did you catch all that “eye action” between Jack and Kate on the dock? I actually felt kind of sorry for Sawyer being left out. (not really 😉

    Is Desmond dead? I say not…true love must win out. What happened to Eko and Locke? Charlie seemed completely unconcerned they weren’t back on the beach yet. They must be OK.

    Did you notice Jack doing “stadiums” when Penny came where Desmond was exercising? small, small world. Dad & I knew we recognized that guy in the Hatch, but couldn’t place him. Thanks!

    And, no, I didn’t notice Libby was pregnant. Did anyone else notice?

  9. Beth'sMomToo says:

    More thoughts…Pen’s last name was Widmore, as in Widmore Labs, the brand of pregnancy test that Sun used on the island.

    When Locke first sees Desmond in this episode, he’s asked the riddle by Desmond of “What did one snowman say to another?” and Locke appropriately replies “Smells like carrots.” This is the same riddle that Kelvin initially asks Desmond – that he couldn’t answer. Desmond then goes on to address Locke as “Bossman” on at least two occasions. Could it be that Desmond and Locke already somehow know each other prior to being on the island? Desmond also says something about them being inside a snowglobe.

    The bird actually DID say, “Hurley”. It was on the close caption and someone on the show verified it.

    Just before they are captured, the whisper says, “Elizabeth”.

    I think you’re right about Desmond having some Desert Storm connection. And wasn’t it ironic that an-ex CIA who taught people how to torture is accidently killed by hitting his head?

  10. Beth'sMomToo says:

    And this is just crazy – The Hanso Foundation gets a “Thanks to” line in the closing credits of the new Mission: Impossible film!

  11. Beth says:

    Mom- in season one Jack meets Desmond doing stadiums, and they had a big conversation- the season 2 finale we learn that Desmond did stadiums after getting out in prison. Of course, now I’m wondering why Jack is in Scotland.

    Desmond and Locke met when Jack and Locke blew the hatch at the finale of season 1- I assumed that is how they know eachother. Jack and Desmond recognized eachother when they met in the hatch, but I didn’t think Locke and Desmond knew eachother.

    Duh!! I recognized Desmond’s hatchmate- I just couldn’t place him.

    The “eyes” with Jack and Kate were wonderful. I think the others are going to bring them to a nice house in the country with a baby’s room perfectly decorated and Jack will rub Kate’s feet and bring her ice tea during her pregnancy.

    Good thing we have dad around to be the geophysics experts.

    You’ll appreciate me as soon as they start revealing the genetic engineering part!

    I totally didn’t see that Libby was pregnant- the ugly hair was distracting me- was that purposefully suppose to be a wig? It was like golden retriever died on her head.

  12. T-Bone says:

    that line about being in a snowglobe was a shout out to a movie. I just can’t think of the movie right now. one word. sounds like…. i’ll remember eventually.

    I’m not sure he called him bossman… did he call him ‘boxman’? that’s his job, works with cardboard boxes. did he tell him that when they were talking before? if it is bossman, its probably just because he was the one that Desmond first met and John was a guy in charge back then.

    i don’t see how the eyes were anything other than them just giving the ‘its gonna be alright’ look. I can’t picture how this could be any part of a plan. there is no way they could have predicted this. although Jack really did want to tell Kate about it.

    its funny that they’ve shot Sawyer twice now. if they wanted him so bad, it must have just been a recent desire because they could have taken him after the boat when they shot him. why now?

    Desmond was in the US, not in Scotland when he was jogging. was that a joke? i couldn’t tell.

    I heard that that bird appeared in the last finale show, too.

    apparently they also whispered ‘walt’ at the end, too.

  13. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Are you thinking of “Citizen Kane”… “Rosebud…”, Orson Welles famous movie that starts with the snowglobe?

    I thought Desmond was in the US for training. I missed that earlier episode. (Can’t wait for repeats!!)

    T-bone, you are SUCH a guy if you totally missed the whole “eye thing”! You’ve been married HOW LONG now? Hint…hint…pay more attention to ‘the looks’. 😉 Come to think of it, it’s always the women who comment on all the different “looks” in the show. I think women are more attuned to that kind of body English. And I was actually thinking during the show how good the actors who play Jack, Kate and Sawyer ARE at conveying body language. (The actor who plays Hurley is NOT, though I love him anyway.) It must be a hard thing for actors to achieve, but it can make the difference between an OK actor, and a really good one that gets you caught up in the story.

    I, too, hated when they split up. I always hate it when the good guys split up. It NEVER turns out right!! (Don’t they go to movies? 😉

    Libby’s hair…good description, Beth. If it was a wig (which it DID resemble, now that you mention it), maybe she had a history of cancer treatments! Another plot line?

  14. Beth'sMomToo says:

    oops, I put the following under the wrong LOST post:

    Stuff I read online:

    4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 42 = 7,418,880 That was on the anomaly the two guys in the Arctic/Antarctic received!

    Charlie was acting weird at the end. Did the electromagnetic burst “change” him? Why was everyone so mellow? Why weren’t they frightened/discussing the occurence?

    Libby just “happens” to bump into Desmond and give him a boat over coffee? Is she working for Penny’s Dad?

    Widmore Labs was written on the balloon that the real Henry was buried under.

    Locke and Eko are NOT dead – I’m 99.9999 percent sure of it.

    Libby is/was a *o******** **a*
    That’s from the Ausiello Report. What is he giving us a clue to? Fill in the blanks – two words. Nothing is coming to me, but I’ll think about it. (C’mon, Ian, you’re GOOD at this. What does it say?)

  15. Jen says:

    ok…I just did a little research. If you search for Widmore Labs you get to there “home” page, scroll down and you will see Sociometeorological solutions for biomagnetic climates
    interesting hmm…

    OK, then when you get into their site. Read so of the stuff but mostinteresting is clicking on the link that takes you to notice when you do this, the address that you typed in never changes…it usually does when you go from site to site, I know someone is spoofing all this but I thought it was interesting….on with this when you get to the valenzetti foundations you will see some cool drawings and pictures one of the pictures almost looks like the picture that Locke is trying to copy.

    AND…I don’t think that Locke or Eko are dead. if Locke is still in that room, he could have been sheltered by the big things that started flying into the door. then he will be sheltered in the room (after all the small metal objects have flown into the room!)

    WHAT was the hatch top or box or whatever it was the landed right where Charlie and Claire were standing? That was of some sort of importance! ???? anyone

    I really can’t believe that I am the only one who noticed that Libby was pregnant! wasn’t I told to watch things around not just the actors? She was huge! OK…that BIG bad hair may have been a distraction for the big belly who knows? definitly pregnant. Where is Ian, he is good for these things!

    Another thing, if the told Michael what course to follow, then I think he will really get off the island. They didn’t tell him to follow his compass readings knowing it would only lead him “north” to the magnetic pull, but if he goes off course and gets away from the island will he get away from the pull??

    What else has crashed on the island? That was a major system failure, not just a 20 second one like Locke had done before. Did they pull something else in?

    OK…that is all for now!

  16. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I’m a landlubber, but can you set a course heading without using a compass?
    The “Quarantine” door was originally the door they blew off the top of the hatch last season. They showed it earlier beside the opening. Yeah, it was cool how the force was so strong that it blew it up high, but the magnetism of the island drew it back to the island, instead of off into the ocean. Or it was gravity…

    I’ve seen several comments about how one of the guys in the arctic environment resembles Jack, though he had a different voice. Is this coincidence? Does Jack have a brother? Or did the guy just need a shave, like Jack always does? (notice how he never grows it into a beard? it just stays the same length? 😉

    If the hatch is out of commission (and it probably is), what will they do for showers, supplies and music? Will they move to the Pearl Hatch? Will there be a “hurricane season”? So far it’s been pretty easy living on the beach, but that can’t go on forever.

    Concerning what the Others are doing with Jack, Kate and Sawyer…I like Beth’s idea! 😉 Jack and Kate could use Sawyer as a gardener or something…

  17. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Casting for new characters for next season (in case you haven’t seen this):

    # Female, thirties, with leadership qualities

    # Female, early twenties, very attractive

    # Male, Latino, early twenties, handsome, mysterious quality

    At least some of these characters will emerge from the faceless, nameless crowd that crashed with them.

  18. Jen says:

    Beth, how did you get that? Was it on the previews for the new season?

  19. Beth says:

    Jen- that was just what I personally thought Kate and Jack should do on the show 🙂

    How was Desmond in the US in prison? The guard that released him was Scottish and made a big thing about being dihonorably discharged from the queen’s service. Jack was definately in the US when doing stadiums- it was right after he had the surgical mistake I think. Maybe time passed between when Desmond was in prison and the stadium.

  20. Jen says:

    Beth, I was wondering how you got the 3 new people, I get the whole Kate, Jack, and Sawyer thing. I think that Sawyer will make a great nanny! 🙂

    I think that some time had passed for Desmond to be in the states, remember he did ask Pen how she found him! He assumed that she was looking for him in Scottland or somewhere else, not in the states…

  21. Beth'sMomToo says:

    It was ME who commented about 3 new characters!! I know…I know…we’re often mistaken for sisters…;)

    I got it from the Ausiello Report on the TV Guide site. I have seen it reported other places, too, but they probably got it from the Ausiello Report. [He gets his info from the writers and producers of the show.]

  22. T-Bone says:

    in other news… Matthew Fox (Jack) has signed on to co-star in the next ‘Rambo’ as Rambo’s friend who is falsly accused. hmmm… interesting

  23. Jen says:

    another rambo movie…when are they going to give that one up? 🙂

    look at how many people do movies and shows at the same time. it is possible!

    and bmt…i guess that your screen name is close to her real name so i must not have read the whole thing! oops…

    and!! t-bone keep your calender open, i may be coming out in july and if i do i want to see you guys! don’t worry i won’t spend the whole time with you. i am staying with nikki!! 🙂

  24. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I also read that the actress who plays Libby did NOT have her new sitcom picked up…so she may appear more often next season than previously planned. The story about her moving on, according to the producers, is that when they sat down to develop story lines for next season, they didn’t see hers going anywhere (in CURRENT time), and so they released her from her contract so she could pursue other work. But, they did plan to use her in flashbacks and “other ways” (?…hmmm…?) next season. Wouldn’t it be cool if she and Dave started hanging out in Hurley’s imagination? 😉 As for the actress who played Hot Lips…when she signed on she only wanted to be locked into one season. She wanted a strong story arc for one year, and then be out of it so she could pursue other things. (again, that is what the producers say)

  25. T-Bone says:

    Jen, did you just say ‘keep your calendar open’ to a guy in charge of the youth department for a summer month? hahaha…. I hope it isn’t in the first week of the month…. let us know.

  26. Jen says:

    Well, actually it is the first week of the month! I am hoping to head out on the 6th and come home the 10th or 11th. (Amys wedding) and visit with Nikki. and see you guys as well! BUT… I guess you will be too busy! I am heading all the way to CA and I won’t even get to see you two! bummer!

  27. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Will they be at Amy’s wedding? We got an invitation and I would LOVE to go, but I’ve already got a pricey trip planned this year (it’s educational…I promise not to have a whit of fun…of course, educational IS fun for me! 😉 We got an invitation to Adam’s graduation in Guatemala, too. Wish I could be there!!

  28. T-Bone says:

    what about your son’s graduation next year?

  29. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I don’t know…it all depends what Assoc. for Biblical Archaeology has to offer as an educational trip! 😉

    kidding…just kidding…

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