Summer Jubilee

On Saturday Leah and I had a ‘lazy’ day, recovering of a long week of pretty much 14 hour work days. CORE Week went amazingly well by the way. So in the evening Leah and I decided to walk down to main stream Alhambra to get something to eat. We chose to check out a Diner that someone had said was good and across the street they were setting up for a summer jubilee night. In the summer our town has Summer jubilee nights on Saturday nights and invite some band to go with a theme, whether its 70’s, 80’s or whatever. Last year Earth Wind and Fire were here. Well, we decided to check if anyone notable was playing and it said “8:30: BEACH BOYS”. Then we looked down the street and there were thousands of people in grandstands and filling the blocked off street. All of this was going on within a mile of our home and we had no idea.

So we ran across the street to the Diner and got a bite to eat and went and watched the Beach Boys. So they came out on stage and there were of course only two original members left and there was this goofy looking young guy. I remember thinking, wow, that guys a dork. He was running out on the stage and I thought he must be a Alhambra staff guy. I figured he was out there to get the crowd going for the old guys. Then the voice that was introducing the band said, “Welcome… The Beach Boys! And John Stamos!” So not only did we see the Beach Boys, but we saw John Stamos. For those of you who don’t know, he played ‘Uncle Jesse’ on Full House and has had multiple roles since. He has played with the Beach Boys quite a bit, and he was in the “Bermuda, Bahama” music video playing the drums.

Well, he decides to try to play with them, and just kept looking off stage and to others, making it obvious he didn’t know what he was doing. Then, on the song ‘Summertime Blues’ and they were going to let him sing the talking parts in it, except when the time came, he forgot the words. He was pretty embarrassed and finally remembered ‘I’d like to help you son but your too young to vote.” He played a couple songs on the drums and then came back on guitar.

Another thing we noticed, for all the Beach Boys songs that we knew, they had a lot of songs that I had never heard, and neither had most of the crowd. You could tell when they’d play a song people knew because people would sing along and cheer, but then they played a bunch no one knew. I assume they couldn’t sing a lot of Brian Wilson’s songs.

Here are some pics from the evening:


4 comments on “Summer Jubilee

  1. Jen says:

    woohoo…if only I knew they would be there a few days after I left I would have stayed longer! 🙂

    ok…so not really! Abby saw them in Indiana a few years back. Their state fair has a big concert on Wednesday and it is usually a big deal band. My sister in law said that she didn’t know many of the songs either and she grew up listening to them. So, they must play most of the songs that were not big hits!

  2. T-Bone says:

    they were actually pretty boring. It was basically two old guys rocking back and forth, stiff as a board, with younger guys acting like they were having the times of their lives. sad really…

  3. T-Bone says:

    sorry about the pictures, its not posting them right

  4. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Few bands have had as many hits as the Beach Boys had, nor have the careers covered as many decades! I suppose it gets boring for them to keep singing the “oldies”, but that is what people want to hear.

    I remember when you came home from Leclairs singing “Bermuda, Bahamas…”. I had a fit because I was trying to steer you clear of pop music and expose you to “real” music. But there was always the neighbors…I think YOU know pop songs from that time period that I haven’t a clue about! [unless they have been used in commercials ;)]. Btw…did you catch Bocelli on PBS the other night? 😉

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