How Deep the Father’s Love

I wanted to share one thing that really struck me when we were at Hume, but have been so busy that I haven’t gotten the chance until now. One of the things that Francis Chan really emphasized was focusing on the love of God. One night that was probably the most moving he was talking about the love of a father for his child. He spoke of how great the Father’s love for us is. On the first night he started with talking about how great and powerful God really was by exposing us to the magnitude of the creation.

With that in mind he went into how great the Father’s love for us is. He talked about how he never really understood the love of God until he had taken his daughter out camping. As he was playing with her and cooking food he realized that the love of the Father for His children was so much greater than the love for his own child. He brought up his ten year old daughter and had her play a worship song she had written. Everyone was absolutely blown away by this little girl and you could see how proud he was as a father as he stood on the stage and watched.

He said that he realized that the Father looks down on His children with such love and is so happy when they do things that please them. He just glows when the person is doing something that would make Him proud.

hearing all of this was something that really struck me. I thought, man, my wife isn’t even two months pregnant and I already love this child so much. And the Father’s love for me is so much greater than that that they can’t even be compared.

One of my students talked to me afterwards and said, “you know, whenever I pictured God, I always pictured someone who was always disappointed and upset with me. Now I understand that God isn’t always like that, but takes joy in my obedience and my life.” Deep thoughts for a kid that is going to be a freshman.

Surviving Summer Camps

We just got back from 11 days straight of camps and we are ready for a break! For jr high we took about 30 kids to a camp where we run everything. We do banana boating, jetskiing, alpine and water slides, mini golf, go-carts, played football and frisbee, and more. Our theme was “Run the Race” from Hebrews 12:1-2. We had a chapel time every morning and evening. I’d include some pics, but it isn’t letting me.

For those of you who don’t know, a couple weeks ago we bought a 99 Corolla and we definitely broke it in the past couple of weeks. Kind of literally. There is this stump that is not marked in the parking lot of the Lodge we were staying at and I sort of backed into it not knowing it was there. It crunched up my muffler. It dislocated the pipe from the manifold and the exhaust was leaking from the front. I decided I couldn’t drive down with Leah in the car so I went down during the day on Friday and got it fixed and drove back up in time for dinner and evening chapel.

Then Saturday we drove back down at night and left the next morning for Hume Lake with the high schoolers. I love Hume because I don’t have to do much and we just get to hang out with the kids and relax. It ended up being really good for Leah because she didn’t have to cook, got to nap whenever she could, and didn’t have any responsibilities.

The speaker for the week was Francis Chan. If there was a speaker I could choose for a camp he’d be one of my first choices. The kids discovered new depths to the love of God and greater lengthes to the majesty of God. It was awesome to see some of the kids react mentally and worship God for the first time. there were some kids that I just wasn’t used to seeing worship and they were standing raising their hands in worship. it was an awesome sight.

Hume has all kinds of things for people to do. Our group loves playing frisbee golf. My previous record was playing 99 holes in the week. This time I played 108, but due to unforseen problems I got to play 126.

Well, it kind of sputtered at the end because there were problems with the bus company. There was miscommunication and they had down that they were picking us up a day later than they were supposed to. So there was no way we could leave so we ended up staying an extra day. We had the whole camp to ourselves and we ended the time with a campfire and had some smores and worshipped. the kids had such a great desire to worship the Lord and wanted to do it every night. We couldn’t do it the last two nights of camp and this provided an opportunity to do so.

Camp was great and now its back to the real world and back to work. I start seminary again next week, and hopefully this will be the last fall that I will be in school for a very long time.

One More Blog

I would write this as a comment, but blogspot won’t let me comment…but WILL let me post. Go figure. [they say they don’t have a tag for me for this blog] Anyway…I just wanted to let you know I started my own blog, so feel free to visit

The LOST discussion will still be on T’s blog and I’ll post here when I see he’s really busy…but this way I won’t feel like I’m taking over his blog.

We Have Heartbeat

Yesterday Leah and I went to the doctor for another check up. We were prepared that we still may not see a heartbeat. If that was the case then we wouldn’t be able to check again until after we got back from camps. That would not have been the preferred way. But we saw the heartbeat and our little bitty baby forming. It has been amazing to see the growth from week to week. It isn’t very common that someone should get to see their baby three times in three weeks. It has been amazing to see the continuing transformation and the sac growing.

The next week and a half we’ll be at summer camps. We have our jr high camp this next weekend and then the following week we’ll be at Hume Lake. Thankfully, we have our own places to stay while we’re there and she’ll be able to get plenty of rest. It should be a relaxing time, and we pray that her sickness doesn’t strike too badly. I think her biggest fear is not having the things she needs to make her feel better since she craves odd things at odd times. The doctor also said taht the elevation would be taxing and make her more tired. That would make her very tired since she has already been pretty tired.

I’ll probably put one more post tomorrow before we leave.

Five Week Progress

Well, this pregnancy thing hasn’t gone according to the plans that I would have had. On Monday Leah and I went to get an ultrasound and we were expecting to see the baby’s heartbeat. We didn’t see a heartbeat. There was definitely growth in the baby since the last ultrasound 11 days before, since we couldn’t see anything at all then. But we thought that with where we were there would have been a heartbeat to see.

The doctor said that this would definitely be normal for Leah, but there are still those doubts. This process has been a reminder that we have no control over what is happening in the womb. We can obviously do everything we can to give it the nutrients it needs. Psalm 139:13-14 says “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my sould knows it very well.”

We have been learning to not let worry consume us, while still realizing the fact that anything could happen. We are trying to focus on the positives that we know. We know the baby had grown. We know there is no bleeding. We know that the doctor didn’t send us for a blood test. We also know that Romans 8:28 says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”