We Have Heartbeat

Yesterday Leah and I went to the doctor for another check up. We were prepared that we still may not see a heartbeat. If that was the case then we wouldn’t be able to check again until after we got back from camps. That would not have been the preferred way. But we saw the heartbeat and our little bitty baby forming. It has been amazing to see the growth from week to week. It isn’t very common that someone should get to see their baby three times in three weeks. It has been amazing to see the continuing transformation and the sac growing.

The next week and a half we’ll be at summer camps. We have our jr high camp this next weekend and then the following week we’ll be at Hume Lake. Thankfully, we have our own places to stay while we’re there and she’ll be able to get plenty of rest. It should be a relaxing time, and we pray that her sickness doesn’t strike too badly. I think her biggest fear is not having the things she needs to make her feel better since she craves odd things at odd times. The doctor also said taht the elevation would be taxing and make her more tired. That would make her very tired since she has already been pretty tired.

I’ll probably put one more post tomorrow before we leave.


One comment on “We Have Heartbeat

  1. Beth says:

    Happy heartbeat!!!

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