How Deep the Father’s Love

I wanted to share one thing that really struck me when we were at Hume, but have been so busy that I haven’t gotten the chance until now. One of the things that Francis Chan really emphasized was focusing on the love of God. One night that was probably the most moving he was talking about the love of a father for his child. He spoke of how great the Father’s love for us is. On the first night he started with talking about how great and powerful God really was by exposing us to the magnitude of the creation.

With that in mind he went into how great the Father’s love for us is. He talked about how he never really understood the love of God until he had taken his daughter out camping. As he was playing with her and cooking food he realized that the love of the Father for His children was so much greater than the love for his own child. He brought up his ten year old daughter and had her play a worship song she had written. Everyone was absolutely blown away by this little girl and you could see how proud he was as a father as he stood on the stage and watched.

He said that he realized that the Father looks down on His children with such love and is so happy when they do things that please them. He just glows when the person is doing something that would make Him proud.

hearing all of this was something that really struck me. I thought, man, my wife isn’t even two months pregnant and I already love this child so much. And the Father’s love for me is so much greater than that that they can’t even be compared.

One of my students talked to me afterwards and said, “you know, whenever I pictured God, I always pictured someone who was always disappointed and upset with me. Now I understand that God isn’t always like that, but takes joy in my obedience and my life.” Deep thoughts for a kid that is going to be a freshman.


2 comments on “How Deep the Father’s Love

  1. Beth says:

    I think we can regain some of this lost concept by reading Puritan literature. Edwards certainly got it and Piper has done a wonderful job refocusing us on this aspect of our relationship with God. I’ve been reading and enjoying Leland Ryken’s book, “Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were”. Once I get home again I’ll be sure to share some of it with you!

  2. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Oops, that post was from me, not Beth.

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