We Have A Nephew!

I’m going to go ahead and announce this since I doubt my mom or sister are going to be near a computer. Early this morning, September 1st, (although it could have been in the waning moments of August 31) Nehemiah Martin Costine was born weighing 9 lbs 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches. I’m going to use this opportunity to announce my displeasure with measuring babies by ‘length’. I always think that they’re cattle or sheep or something. Can we measure them in a way that separates them from livestock?

Anyways, the kid apparently looks like his uncle, so we know the kids adorable. He has red hair and is a little chubby, so I guess we’re not exactly alike. But keep your head up kid, I’m sure you’ll have your uncles washboard abs sooner or later. They sure didn’t come by just sitting around and being lazy, so get yourself up and do some sit ups.

The mother is doing well, though she had to endure 37 hours of labor followed by a c-section. She apparently didn’t react too well to a medication that they were using and could start feeling the doctors at work. The mother is resting, the grandmother is resting, and the uncle is in class so he has to go.

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One comment on “We Have A Nephew!

  1. Jen says:

    Yes you have a nephew, he is very sweet! he is 3 weeks now so,…why aren’t you posting? 🙂
    updates please?

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