Quote of the Moment

“A dozen ignorant peasants proclaiming a crucified Jew as the founder of a new faith; bearing as the symbol of their worship an instrument which was the sign of ignominy, slaver and crim; preaching what must have seemed an absurd doctrine of humility, patient suffering and love to enemies- graces undreamed of before; demanding what must have seemed an absurd worship for one who had died like a malefactor and a slave, and making what must have seemed an absurd promise of everlasting life through one who had himself died, and that between two thieves.”

B.B. Warfield


One comment on “Quote of the Moment

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Because we have become so used to the concept of ‘the cross’, we lose the significance of what it meant to that 1st Century culture: to the Greeks it was “foolishness” [what? a god that dies?] and to the Jews a “stumblingblock” [“Cursed is him who hangs on a tree.”]

    Someone once pointed out that wearing a cross as a piece of jewelry is similar to the French wearing guillotine earrings. To a believer it is a sign of God’s saving grace, but it was a shocking idea in the 1st Century. No human would could ever have thought up such a concept!

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