Learning from Tragedy

This whole thing that has happened in the Amish community in Pennsylvania has really awakened people to the faith of these people. Last night I was watching the national news and on two programs they were interviewing a midwife that had delivered a couple of the girls that were killed. The woman kept saying to the anchors that these people are not angry with the killer and they forgive him. They even said that the wife of the man was invited to the memorial service. There has been much disbelief over this reaction on the part of families who have been hurt so deeply. The anchors could not believe what they were hearing. They each asked why these families feel this way and the midwife had the same reaction each time. She said, “When you have Jesus Christ in your life, you realize how much you have been forgiven. And knowing how much you have been forgiven, it doesn’t make any sense to not be able to forgive others.”

Its funny how much our country can learn from these very simple people. For years they have been mocked for what they believe and they just quietly go on their way, ignoring what people think of them. Obviously, I do not endorse everything that they do, but I admire their sense of forgiveness. But one of the biggest things that they are missing is that they have an opportunity to exhibit this faith to the world on a daily basis, and they are content to just live amongst themselves and have no effect on the outside world.

What I cannot understand is if someone believes in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ so much, how can they not take that to the world around them? How can someone just cloisture themselves and ignore the world that is in need of the same forgiveness. It isn’t just enough to show this forgiveness when wronger personally. But we must preach this forgiveness to all who are in need. I don’t understand such a strong belief in forgiveness without an equally strong belief in evangelism. Maybe I need to learn more about these people who mostly refuse to make themselves known.


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