Lost: A Tale of Two Cities

I’m going to watch teh show tonight, but until then, you can go ahead and comment away on what you thought, what you think, and what you doubt!


18 comments on “Lost: A Tale of Two Cities

  1. Jen says:

    first off, I need to watch it again…it was a little different!
    so, who recorded it? 🙂
    they have so much information, which leads me to believe that they all were in the lives of these people for a long time, but haven’t we said that before?
    So, Jack said he was a repo man…did he really do that do you think? is that why he is so traveled? what about, his wife? she is a little odd to why did she really keep calling Jack’s dad? Are they in on it too? or is Jacks dad in on it? remember he did “see” him on the island.

    Why did they make Kate put a dress on? (other than trying to hide the belly) abd what did they do to her? why are they in cages? and whoe is that guy that was across from Sawyer? Did they plant him there to see what Sawyer would do?

    Is Julia (is that her name?) tired of all the games and wants off the island? Is that why there is tension between her and Henry? Or were they involved at some point? Or are they siblings??? hmmm….questions!!

    2 weeks that means 14 shows this season. (at least) how many reruns are they going to have this year?

    OK, after I watch it again I am sure I will have more to say! (who me?)

  2. T-Bone says:

    as far as how they are showing the shows this year, they are going to show them in two 7 weeks sections. So this fall we’ll have the first 7 and then after the new year we’ll have another new 7.

    Here are my thoughts on the episode:

    – I want to know what book they were reading. It was obviously a Stephen King book. I think that first scene is very imporant to protray Juliet as being discontent with the group and the life. It seems like it is a eutopia where you have to fit in and if you go against the system, you are looked down upon. She seemed pretty concerned with maintaining a free will and not always doing something because it pleases everyone. Then she called the guy ‘Ben’ and it sounded scarcastic and then she called ‘Heny’, “Ben”. I guess that’s his real name.

    – so i think Jack’s ex-wife is a wench and Leah was defending her. does this mean something about our relationship?

    – They seem to be at the animal testing base of Dharma. I couldn’t exactly catch what the new logo was, but it looked like swan or an animal.

    – they put Jack where they did and Kate and Sawyer where they did for a certain reason. And I hate to break it to you, but Kate and Sawyer are going to end up together. But i think that Juliet my break away from the ‘others’ and help them escape and end up with Jack. She is very simiarl to his ex-wife. And Ben/Henry is trying to use that for his advantage. Juliet won’t look well upon Ben/Henry leaving her in the tank.

    – They were very concerned with the Sawyer/Jack/Kate connection. henry was concerned about it, Jack mentioned Kate first.

    – What about the next two weeks being really bad? Are they going to go through a ‘brain washing’ or are they going to be tested or what?

    – Kate came back from the table with her wrists all scraped up. She tried to do something on the beach and I guess we’ll find out later.

    – henry is definitely the leader there, but he has to work for someone greater. why are they still there?

    – did they really have a packet on Jack or was that a bluff? I know they gave some specific info, but it seemed too convenient that they had that file. I think they’re trying to convince jack that they aren’t the huge threat that he thinks they are. If they isolate him and don’t allow him to be around his ‘friends’, he’ll lose his determination to keep them safe.

    more thoughts later.

  3. T-Bone says:

    ok, for awhile we thought that the ‘others’ may have made them crash, and now we know they didn’t. But here are a few things that make me think they still knew that they were going to get ‘visitors’.

    – when Benry came out he automatically looked to the sky. It was like they were expecting to see something up there.

    – when he told Ethan and Goodwin to get ‘a list’ they knew exactly what he meant. like they were almost expecting this order.

    – when Juliet was talking to Jack she asked him a couple questions. 1. Where did were you flying from? and 2. Why were you there? If they knew everything about Jack, why would she not know that? And why didn’t Jack realize that when she was reading from his ‘file’?

    -here’s what i think- they were told that something like this was going to happen. i don’t know if I’d call it a prophecy or an order or what, but they were prepared for something like this to happen. These people are equipped to appear to look like they live in the woods, and not in little houses in a clearing. They appear to know that something like this was going to happen and were prepared for it. But they don’t tell the people why. hence, Juliet’s questions to jack. She wants to know the truth and the answer to the question of ‘why?’, but they are expected not to question, just to do.

  4. Jen says:

    another thought, (and I still haven’t rewatched it.) When they drugged Jack, did they ask him questions?? did he tell them his life? is that how they know all things? but then again, they wouldn’t know if Sarah (is that her name??) was really happy or not. (I am really bad with names, give me another week and I will know them!) 🙂 Or was that a bluff that she was happy? I was convinced…I still think that Jacks dad is involved in a HUGE way, and Desmonds ex’s dad has something in it too…but what? I did get that if you go against them it isn’t good. ie. Juliet and Benry. (I like that)
    And how do you know that kate and sawyer are going to end up together? hmmm….that will make me a little mad! But, you can tell that Juliet and Jack are having feelings for each other. But is she acting? I can’t wait to rewatch it and see next week!!

  5. T-Bone says:

    good point on how they could have gotten the info. and as far as saying how Sarah was, they told Jack what he wanted to hear. they told him what would make him cooperate more.

    as far as Jack’s dad goes- I’m not sold on his being involved.

    penelope’s (desmond’s ex) dad definetely is involved. which means desmond still is alive.

    Kate and Sawyer end up together because of who they are. I don’t understand why everyone wants Kate and Jack together. She’s not stable! She’s killed men in cold blood FOR A TOY PLANE! Sawyer’s perfect for her. They’re both lying, cold hearted, selfish people. Jack’s better than that. His fault is that he cares too much and gives too much of himself. That’s totally opposite of kate and sawyer. they only time they give of themselves, is when it benefits them.

    Juliet is not satisfied or happy taking orders from benry. she empathizes with jack’s leadership and care for his friends. he’s the opposite of Benry.

  6. Jen says:

    did anyone else watch it? or just us…

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you ask I am confused,and I think kate and Sawyer shoud be with each other.My sister thinks that Jack and Kate should be with each other,but I don’t think so.

    Ps.My sister recorded it

  8. T-Bone says:

    thanks Butros!

    Remember when Benry was in the hatch and John asked him if he wanted something to read. Remember who he asked for? Stephen King. And Stephen King wrote the book the Book Club was going through.


    I heard that we are going to find out a couple things this season. This is from the mouths of the two creators. 1. We will find out how Locke got paralyzed. do you think he got paralyzed when he hit Jack’s ex-wife in the accident that paralyzed her?

    2. there is another group of ‘others’. I think they might be the ‘bad’ others. the ones that kidnapped the kids and killed the people from the tail of the plane.

  9. Beth'sMomToo says:

    The new Dharma logo in the aquarium is of a multiheaded hydra [Greek mythology]. Aren’t you guys glad you keep me around? I’m good for esoteric info. 😉

    Tim’s “spoiler” may help explain all this talk about “good people” and “bad people”.

    Tim, you’re not seeing the “real” Kate. The island is bringing out her natural good side. She may try out Sawyer (Sawyer was kissing HER in the clip for next week, btw), but she’ll end up with Jack.

    As for the info – if they knew the Flight# and they have computers [if they can make French Press coffee, chances are they have a computer source and can get more info than the average person], they could get the passenger list and the kind of info they had.

    Jen – I think Jack was kidding about being a “repo man”, then he gave up and told the truth. I don’t think she was asking questions to glean info – I think she already knew the answers to what she asked. And, yes, I recorded it.

    Did you notice “Benry” sealed the door against Juliet? She would have drowned with Jack if he hadn’t been able to close the door…which in real life he never could have managed with all that water pressure!! That was a tad unrealistic.

    Dad is convinced nothing is true and everything is a set-up. He trusts nothing and nobody.

  10. T-Bone says:

    yay! I was wondering where you were! Mom, what can you tell us about Tale of Two Cities and how it fits in with this.

    I heard that the book that the book club was going through was “Carrie”. For those of you who don’t know, it is about a girl with these special powers and she is an outcast. the ends up using her powers to kill her mom and burn her school down. I was trying to think how this would relate and remembering that they are reading this before the plane crashes, is this relating to walt? he has special powers, ‘things’ happen when he’s around.

  11. Jen says:

    OK, I am sooo glad that you are here BMT!
    Tim, wasn’t it Shannons dad that was killed in the car accident that Jacks ex was involved in? Remeber one of the shows last year (that was a flashback on Jack) showed Shannon in the back ground crying because she was at the hospital when she found out her dad had died. And Jack had just started working on his ex.

    So, what are we going to find out this week? I think I need to have my notebook with me! 🙂

    I do want to know why Locke was paralyzed. I am thinking it had something to do with his girlfriend. She wasn’t in any of the flashbacks in the first season, I bet she had something to do with it…

    OK…that is all! no wait, who is Butros??

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh, one more thing get that picture of henry of……It scares me and my sister

  13. Beth says:

    I left a comment yesterday and it didn’t showed up. Are you not allowing swear words on your comments now? Jeesh. (just kidding on the profanity thing).

  14. T-Bone says:

    no comments showed up in my moderation box. and butros is my brother. it’s his name in his native tongue.

    now that you say that about Shannon’s dad it does sound familiar. do you think he tried to kill himself? or maybe chased her into traffic and got hit by Christian.

  15. Jen says:

    Who is Christian?…someone I missed? Remember her dad was drunk and hit Sarah. (I think he was drunk)they knew he didn’t have a chance so they gave more of an effort to Sarah. ring a bell?

    And welcome Butros. I think I will call you that from now on…ok, so I won’t!

    Something was pointed out to me today! Rememer in Siberia those guys who made the call when the meters went wacky…was that the point that the plane fell out of the sky? They all knew something was going to happen, they were just waiting for it. They ended the season with that and started this year with the plane spliting in two…ideas?

    OK…more after tomorrow night! 🙂

  16. Ian says:

    The blip they got was from Desmond turning the key and releasing whatever it was that Swan Station was regulating.

    I watched the show once, but want to watch it again before I make alot of comments. One wuick observation, though. My time line is all screwed up. I was thinking that all that stuff with Jack’s dad being drunk at the operating table and Jack blowing the whistle on him happened before Jack was married. I’m not sure how that plays into it all, but it was something that I took note of.

  17. Cliff says:

    Looking forward to seeing more Lost Posts from you. I see you guys are pretty huge fans!

    Enjoy Tonight’s show!

    Cliff Ravenscraft
    Producer of the Weekly Lost Podcast

  18. Beth'sMomToo says:

    I’m still working on “A Tale of Two Cities” angle…

    Remember the guys in the hut at the South Pole said something about not missing it “again”? Apparently, they missed the surge the first time when the plane crashed. Are they trying to triangulate a position?

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