Hey Phil, Need Some Help With That Hole?

I know that most of you who read this are in NH, but I thought i’d let you in on some of the fun that we’re having with our election for Governor. The race is between Ahnold and Phil Angelides (now known as Wahngelides). Suprisingly enough, Wahngelides, even though he’s running in a very liberal state, is waaaaay behind in the poles. He’s double digits behind Ahnold in the polls. The same Ahnold that had a 59% DISapproval rating after the special elections last year. How could this be?

Well, Wahngelides has decided to make his campaign all about running the national election. I swear these are words that have come out of his mouth. He’s accused Ahnold of being in cahoots with Bush. He has attacked Ahnold over Hastert, the speaker of the house. He’s running on what we’re doing in Iraq. Did anyone tell him he’s running for governor of California? Not a national office? He’s tried associating Ahnold with Bush, but just at the wrong time. Bush’s approval ratings are actually up!

Recently Ahnold appeared on the Jay Leno show and the next day Wahngelides appeared outside of the NBC studios complaining that he should get equal time. He said, “I’d be a good guest. I can be funny and I could get along with Jay.” He was WHINING about not being on the show. (and you should try to find some audio of it. His voice was so annoying, like the nerd that was complaining about not being popular.) Again, can someone tell him he’s not running for a national office, and that Joe Schmoe in Shaboigan doesn’t care about him?

Well, then he did the unthinkable at the same conference. Ahnold had said that he’s been closer to Oscar than to George Bush (meaning the Oscars for those that are a little behind). Wahngelides said that Ahnold should be up for an Emmy for being a Republican that acts like a Democrat.

pause for disbelief…..

Ummm… Phil…. I thought you said he’s so conservative that he might as well be George Bush… But now you’re saying he’s liberal… so why should anyone vote for you Phil?


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