Gone Fishin’

This past Wednesday I planned on the spur of the moment that we should go fishin’ on Friday night. When I told the kids this at youth group, I got a mixed reaction. One kid, Ricky, said, “YES! I love fishing!” But most kid just had somewhat of a blank stare like they were thinking, “umm… why are we going fishing?” What they didn’t know, and I didn’t explain, is that ‘going fishing’ is my new phrase for street evangelism. Christ told His disciples that they weren’t going to fish for fish anymore, but He was going to make them fishers of men.

With it being totally last minute, I wasn’t really expecting much turnout. One of the local high schools where most of the kids go was having their homecoming dance or something like that. And Ricky, who really wanted to go, had to work his school’s football game for ASB. I told them to meet me in front of the movie theater at 7 if they wanted to go. So Leah and I showed up, she got a bite to eat, and we waited.

As I was expecting, there weren’t any kids there. But I was fine with that. I know they would do it, if I gave them some more notice, and it might be better, because I was going to be testing out this new ‘Way of the Master’ method. So the wife and I prayed for boldness and we started talking to people.

The first young man we talked to was named Tino. He said he was a soldier and would be going back to Iraq soon. he also said he was married and had a few kids, but didn’t have a ring and also said he was living in a motel room. My skeptical alarm went off, but continued ignoring that. I asked him if we could ask him a few questions. When they realized that I was witnessing to them, the girl that was sitting next to him perked up, and it turned out she was a pastor’s daughter from a local church.

When I asked him where he was going when he died, he said I didn’t have to worry, because he had a relationship with Jesus. I decided to pry a little further and asked him what he would say if God asked him, “Why should I let you into my Heaven?” His answer gave me all the info I needed. He gave the normal, “I’ve been a generally good person…” So I asked him if we could ask him a few questions to see if he was right. I asked him if he’d ever lied, and he admitted he was a liar. I asked him if he had stolen anything, and he admitted he was thief. I asked him if he’d every taken the name of the Lord in vain, and he admitted he was a blasphemer. I asked him if he’d ever lusted after a woman, and eventually he admitted he was an adulterer.

Then I asked him again, what would God say to you if you asked to get into Heaven. this time it was a little different. He realized that he wasn’t good enough at all. He realized that even the stuff he did awhile ago still mattered. I told him the illustration of him being in a court room and the judge telling him he must pay a $70,000 fine, and if he didn’t he’d go to jail. What would the judge think if you said, “well, i’ve tried to generally be a good person.” Obviously he’d show you the door to your jail cell. But what if a man you didn’t even know came in with $70,000 came in and said, “I love this man and I want to pay his penalty.”

By the end of the conversation he knew he had quite a bit to think about and I gave him my info to contact me if he needed to talk. Please pray for Tino.

Then we talked to a group of for high schoolers, Leroy, Jake, Georgie, and Alorra ( i have no idea how to spell the two girls names). We ended up giving them the same talk for over a half hour. It was great! They asked questions, seemed really interested, and all of them were really struck by the end. I gave them the info for our youth group and a couple of them said they’ll come on Wednesday.

I think one of the most refreshing things for them was for them to hear someone go through the Gospel in a logical progression, clearly explaining why they were sinners, and letting their conscience condemn them instead of us starting the conversation with telling them they were sinners. They were refreshed to hear someone say something that actually made sense and was authoritative. By the end of the conversation I told them i really enjoyed talking with them and really liked them. Please pray for Leroy, Jake, Georgie, and Alorra.


5 comments on “Gone Fishin’

  1. jrf says:

    Praise the Lord

    thanks for sharing that.
    it was encouraging and convicting.

    I still have that card for you guys

  2. Jen says:

    Fishing…actually that is what I was thinking when I read it. Fishing for men. (And I even missed our first class out here.)

    Glad to hear that you still went out even though none of the kids showed up. Go and get them excited. that is what we need in this day and age, the kids to be excited, they are the next generation and it doesn’t seem to be top on their priority list.

    Keep up the God work T.

    Now go and get some belly pictures on here for us on teh east coast!

  3. Beth says:

    That’s awesome! (and good to know it doesn’t just work for Kirk and Ray)

  4. Markhttp://mark.sohmer.net says:


    Exciting post! Thanks so much for posting it. I love the Way of the Master. 🙂

    You should check out Terrified: How To Overcome Your Fear of Sharing Your Faith by Todd Friel, the host of The Way of the Master Radio Show.

    I’m listening in my car on my commute and I love it so far!

  5. T-Bone says:

    I haven’t listened to it, but Kirk did give us that talk in class. It was very effective and gives you a lot to think about.

    btw, did you know that he is named after Captain Kirk? seriously, that’s hilarious.

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