Happy Reformation Day!

No, I’m not one of those Anti-Halloween people. But it is also Reformation Day, observing the day in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed those 95 Thesis. In honor of this day, I thought I would share just an observation on the event. The Thesis were written in Latin, a language that the Germans couldn’t read. The point is that Luther wasn’t trying to create a revolution or trying to incite the people to rebel and fight. What he was trying to do was raise concerns, written in Latin, so the other priests and those in charge could talk. The problem was that The Roman Catholic Church wasn’t in the mood to ‘talk’. They wouldn’t hear Luther’s debate, but rather branded him a heretic and made him hide in an attic, fearful that the moment he revealed where he was, he would be killed.

So in honor of Reformation Day, why don’t you read over these 95 Thesis. The link is to the right.


One comment on “Happy Reformation Day!

  1. Beth says:

    Yeah, that was Nehemiah’s homework yesterday- to read the 95 thesis in Latin. Not only did he not read it, but he was begging to go trick or treating instead so I spanked him repeatidly.

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