Random Thoughts…

– An update on Leah and the Baby- we have movement! The kid is apparently doing some inutero training for a stellar gymnastics career. Either that or its going to have the gift of ‘interpretational dance’. No way is it going to be a cheerleader. On friday we’ll be finding out what our little ball of energy is, Lord willing. Pray that it takes a nice pose for the camera.

– Another note on a California election worth sharing. Our present Lt Gov., Cruz Bustamante, is running for insurance commissioner. And his basic platform, I swear I’m not kidding, is this: “I was fat. I promised my family I would lost 70 lbs. I kept that promise. As your insurance commissioner I promise to lower your insurance rates.” This platform has breathed life into the previously deemed ‘dead’ political careers of Anna Nicole Smith, Kirsty Alley, and Jared from Subway, who are now scrambling to form a base to run on in two years.

– Couldn’t help but notice John Kerry’s latest ‘oops’ took place in Pasadena, about a mile down the street from where I live. He’s in trouble. Now everyone’s calling him and saying, “Hey John… So… How’s it going? Oh, yeah, I heard about that hulabaloo in Pasadena…. Well, hey, I’m calling just to let you know that we’re all set here and don’t need you to come out to my rally. It turns out Michael Dukakis was available and happened to already be here, so we said, “hey, you’re here, why not save Johnny the trip out here!” To make matters worse, even Mrs. Hillary Clinton is condemning him. Here’s a pic I saw. Good to know that the dumb troops still can laugh at themselves.

– So Leah and I are eating out for breakfast on Saturday morning and there were kids walking around, trick or treating. A group of about five of them walk in to the place right before we leave, and we watched them as we were eating at a table in front of the establishment (that’s right NH, we’re still eating outside). As we go to pay our bill, a lady comes and puts out the candy and says something like, “Oh, here’s the candy, it was in the back.” Leah, blinded and made deaf by the presence of chocolate, gets really excited, declares, “OOOH! Candy!” and helps herself to the bowl. and all of the waiters and waitresses just sat there, stunned, staring at her, until one of them says, “That’s for the kids!” Constantly being on my toes, I said it was for our child and that was the only way it could get it. As we walked out she was totally embarassed, not realizing she was stealing candy from the kids.

– and Rush has completely blinded himself against humanity for the sake of the Republican party. Attacking Michael J. Fox for not using medication before filming a commercial is wrong. Yeah, we wouldn’t want to show anyone the severity of a disease. He was using his disease to win people over and showing them the effects of it. That’s human, not wrong.

– Recently there was a Baywatch reunion to celebrate their DVD set being released. David Hasselhoff, aka ‘The Hoff’ in his little known rap career (seriously), had this to say, explaining the shows success:
“I think the secret of its success was that is was always about saving lives, not taking lives.”
Yes, David. That’s exactly what it was.


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