Cousins Pics

This is the first of many cousins pictures where one of them is on ‘the outside’. Now I realize that the parent of this ‘runt’ is already talking smack about how he will be able to beat up our child, as if size has anything to do with it. What she doesn’t know is that our child will be raised watching a loop of Rocky V and will have the mentality of Rocky to Liam’s ‘Ivan Drago’. Where Micah lacks in size and brawn he will thrive in speed, focus, and wits. While he may not have the size, he will be crawling circles around a clumsy and stumbling Niam.

And as is already clearly evident, Micah is able to lure Niam in, let him relax and lower his guard. Micah will be like a sting ray that buries itself below a small amount of dirt, waiting for some unknowing prey to be lured in and then… BAM! he’ll strike and gain the upperhand. What Niam doesn’t realize is that Micah is doing this even now. And yes, he could reach out through the porthole that is the belly button and exact his dominance upon lesser prey, but alas it is not his time to reveal such skills and abilities for such domination.


2 comments on “Cousins Pics

  1. Mark says:

    Ivan Drago was in Rocky IV, not Rocky V – what were you thinking?

  2. T-Bone says:

    i’m so ashamed…. I repent and seek forgiveness in this area in my life. I can’t believe I got my favorite Rocky movie wrong.

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