A Ministry Update

Before I get into this I’d like to give a shout out to Bonny. Heard you frequent my blog, proving you never know who’s reading!

Let’s starting by backing up to last Sunday. It was truly a highlite of my mininstry as I had the chance to baptize five high schoolers. I’d like to take the time to tell you about each one.

The first was Sean Fenderson. Sean is a freshman who was in my small group when he was in Jr High. Sean has a great spirit and has always been able to make everyone laugh with his random humor. He also has a great heart for friends who do not know God.

The second young man was Aaron Kappe. I had the opportunity to live in Aaron’s backyard for about two years between college and getting married. He is also a giant. It was a good opportunity for everyone to laugh at the fact that I had to baptize someone who was so much taller than me. We practiced the dunk backstage to make sure he could bend his knees enough.

The third one was Matt Dorado. Matt has had a special place in my heart since he came up in 7th grade. He had a tough year last year that saw him walk away from where he should be. But this summer God miraculously worked in his heart and it has been such an encouragement to see his growth and his desire to praise God.

The fourth guy was Parker Hall. Parker was a friend of Matt, Aaron’s, and a couple other guys in his class. He came to the christian school at my church, and through events and camps started coming to the church. He eventually got saved through the Jr High ministry and has been faithfully coming, though his family does not. Those kids are some of the biggest encouragements because you know they want to be there. He’s also very skinny.

The last guy was Ricky ‘Richard, Rico del Blanco’ White. Ricky was also in my small group in jr high and has been such a joy to watch grow in Christ. I was able to lead him to Christ at summer camp during his 7th grade year after talk about what made David a man after God’s own heart. That night a few of the guys wanted to stay up and talk and ask questions. That night is one of the greatest moments in my ministry.

Later that night we had our monthly Pray ‘n Praise. This is a time for everyone in Student Min. to come together and just worship. It has honestly been lacking lately, but this was one of the best in over a year. we started off with a block of singing, then broke into groups for prayer, but we only praised God through our prayers. we left our problems and issues aside and just worshipped God. Then we came back together for singing and then broke into groups for more worship. It was a great night and made us really look forward to next month’s.

Fastforward to this past weekend. Friday night we took the Jr Highers ice skating. It is always an adventure teaching 7th graders to skate. Before we left church we played everyone’s favorite game, Human Bingo! I made a bingo sheet with human talents, oddities or experiences and they have to find someone that matched the description in each box. What they didn’t know is that I was going to make them prove they could do the talent. It turns out we have quite a few kids who don’t mind stretching the truth. It was funny to see them get called out for what they said they could do and then fail attempting it. We went from there to the Pasadena Ice Skating center. At first I wasn’t going to lace them skates up, but then I was watching them and had to get out there. Good times!

The next day we had our high school Thanksgiving Dinner. We were at church all day prepping for it and it went off really well. We offered a free dinner to the families and were able to get a few of the families of the kids who don’t go to our church to come out. We had a puzzle at each tabel for them to work at as a table and after dinner played a scavenger hunt composed of anything that they had on them. That turned into a hysterical time watching what some families would do to win. The next day we heard some great things about the evening and how much everyone enjoyed it.

But now its back to classes and trying to get everything done for this week!


One comment on “A Ministry Update

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    How encouraging to hear about the baptisms! I am especially encouraged by kids who come to church on their own, without family involvement or backing. How exciting to see the power of God in their lives! I remember people we’ve had, like Neil, who came to know the Lord through the Teen ministry and ended up serving in our local congregation and raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Let’s not forget to pray for that ministry in all of our churches!

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