Incredible Power of God’s Creation

Saw this picture online. amazing power. here are a few comments that were left under the pic:

“I love wildlife but cant watch this programme its so bloodthirsty and sad. Why do they concentrate on the unpleasant aspects of nature?”

“Well I for one have got fed up with wildlife programmes, however long it takes to film them. They always end up with something eating something else.”

“People who are offended by nature have to understand that this is how the animal world is. Something is ALWAYS eating something else, and the animal world is an unpleasant place. Period. The law of the jungle dictates that everything gets eaten at some point.”


2 comments on “Incredible Power of God’s Creation

  1. jrf says:

    just what I wanted to see right before I go surfing.

    have a good thanksgiving

  2. Beth'sMomToo says:

    It’s just another result of sin having entered into the world. People certainly don’t like to think about the consequences of sin. Maybe their desire to have have all nature stories be Disney-ish is a manifestation of such an aversion. Btw, have you ever seen the stories about people endagering themselves by interacting with wild animals because they have the “Disney illusion”?

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