To Whom Goes the Credit?

This past week, Leah and I went to our first birthing class. It was the first one about what to do until the classes start on a weekly basis. One thing that struck me throughout the class was the absence of any reference to God. There were so many times where I thought the obvious comment would be that this was always perfectly designed by God. The lady talked through the birthing process and about how the body knows exactly what to do. She kept being amazed at how the body does the right thing at the right time without you telling it to do it.

I was just sitting there being amazed at how someone could look at all of this and think that it is just a product of time and chance. The human body is so intricate and detailed that it demands the question of who the designer is. God’s eternal power and divine nature is made manifest even in our own bodies.


2 comments on “To Whom Goes the Credit?

  1. Jen says:

    It is amazing what the body does when you have a baby. God is so great in all his design.
    It amazes me when people don’t really understand how God created it.
    What an opportunity you have to speak with her. I love to hear people’s theory’s of how it all happens when a child is born. You know how we have evolved and all! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    She may believe that God did design and create man, but just not bold enough to say it. In academia these days it is code to say something was “designed” as a way to say that you don’t think it just evolved. It’s almost like not mentioning evolution is a way of rebelling against it.

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