Ladies and Gentlemen…. John Daker!

Some people just can’t deal with the pressure of cable access television. Watch at the look on his face at the end. Its like he’s trying to stare a hole through the camera in front of him. hilarious.


4 comments on “Ladies and Gentlemen…. John Daker!

  1. Jen says:

    OK…that was funny! I think that he put those 2 songs together first off and he doesn’t even know the words to either one! what is up with that? Was that the special music at your Church this past week Tim? 😉 I think more than staring a hole in the camera he was trying to swoon the camera. the eyebrows crack me up…And oh yeah, it didn’t take an hour. I still can’t stand dial up though!!

  2. Jen says:

    DIAL UP STINKS!! man I can’t stand it…I will see it in about an hour thanks Tim!

  3. jrf says:

    you need to take this off cause I cant stop watching it! Im gonna fail all my finals!

    I found the extended version on mytube. I guess this is some local methodist church program. I think Johnny Daker makes a pretty good poster child for the methodist church!

  4. Beth says:

    Yeah, just humm it.

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