One Semester Left!

This week I finished my second to last semester of seminary. This semester was a great one, and even though it presented its share of problems, it was still a great semester of learning. Probably the biggest thing was my increasing love for preaching. I figured it out, and I would be averaging 8 sermons, sometimes 9 a week. I would have 4-5 in my preaching lab, two chapels, Sunday Morning and Sunday School, Wednesday night, and Jr High chapel on Fridays. And one would think that I would have ‘sermon overload’, but it actually heightened my excitement to hear good preaching. A side effect of that is a distaste for poor preaching. I get frustrated when i see people waste opportunities in the pulpit and even more frustrated when I see people settle for that.

I’m not going to mention names, but recently I heard a sermon that wasted an amazing opportunity to minister the Word of God to a body of believers in flux. Instead, they got a half hour of personal stories and observations. Illustrations drove the message, and brought up questionable applications.

The reaction to such preaching could be devisive, but I choose to focus on making my preaching better. My greatest goal has become to be a preacher who preaches Christ crucified in a Biblical and clear manner. I have become more aware of the preparation process, the presentation, and application of God’s Word and love every opportunity I get to exercise it. I just ask that you expect the same from your pastor. Don’t accept pep talks and cute stories in place of the clear, expositional presentation of God’s Word.


One comment on “One Semester Left!

  1. Beth'sMomToo says:

    On my way to visit Grammy this week, I happened to find a Christian radio station based in Concord that you can pick up as you drive up 89. I recognized the voice of a preacher I used to listen to quite often (before I gave up on Christian radio). This is a man well known for his writing and preaching…and is even a past Pres. of Dallas Theological. [So much for anonymity, huh?]

    He was preaching on the story of the Prodigal Son, which I had translated last year for Greek class. I was anxious to hear what he would have to say, but what it came down to was sheer speculation, “stories”, “encouragements” and pop psychology with very, very, veeeeery little Bible. I was completely disappointed!

    I think pastors can get into the rut of thinking people have heard a passage so many times they will have to come up with some new, up-to-date take on it. The truth is people need to hear the teaching God gave via the gospel writer! If you don’t know the point of the author to the original audience, then you just cannot come up with any accurate application – you’re just making the Bible say whatever you want it to, you’re making it up…and THAT’S wrong.

    The purpose of language is to communicate accurately. The Bible is God communicating to man. Not only are we doing God a disservice when we don’t follow proper hermeneutical rules, but we are also doing ourselves (and those who hear our preaching and teaching) a disservice by hiding the Truth God intended.

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