Babymooning in Boston

Almost everyone that we have talked to has said that before the baby comes, we should take a babymoon. We normally just look back at them and laugh because we can’t afford such a trip or find the time. But before we came home we decided to make reservations for an evening in Boston, figuring that was the closest thing we could get. So the past two days we have been in Boston, touring Fenway Park, walking around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, and exploring the city by foot. Fortunately for all of you, I took my camera with me and snapped away. Here’s our trip!

Fenway Park

Is there any other place that we could have started? The Red Sox brought us together (in the sovereignty of God of course), or at least gave me an excuse to talk to her and get to know her. So the first thing we did was go walk around Fenway, eat lunch at the Cask ‘n Flagon, perused the souvenir shops, and took a tour of Fenway. It had been about six years since I’ve been inside, since that’s how long I’ve been in California.

We ate at the Cask ‘n Flagon, which is one of the best places to watch a game nationally. The restaurant is right behind the Green Monster (locals read Montstah) on Lansdown St. If you ever watch a game, just look to the left of the coke bottles and above the Bud Light billboard for a sign for the place. It’d be nice to go down and watch a game there, because it’s a great atmosphere and you always get a better view of what is going on by watching the TV. That is, if I can’t get a ticket in.

Then there is a big billboard about some Asian guy that the team apparently signed. They like him so much that they put up a billboard of the guy. I wonder why I haven’t heard anything about this guy? They have talked about him on the radio or at least on a red sox website or something.

Touring Fenway
After lunch we toured Fenway. The guy took us up on the roof in right field where the new seats are and to the new Budweiser Pavilion seats. The tour guide was great about telling the history of the park and its metamorphasis over the years. he told great stories of how things came to be as they are and little things that you normally wouldn’t hear.

Not a lovely day for a picture, but it’ll do.

If you look to the seats behind center field, you’ll notice that there are none. That is because they took them out to install a rain shield. If not this winter, then next winter they will be putting in a new bar or restaraunt underneath them.

That has been one big improvement in the park since I was there last. The new ownership has done a great job of improving on what is already there. The place is a lot more presentable and they are going to continue to do so. This winter they are adding more luxury boxes that will go for around $250,000 a year if I remember correctly. that should help pay for that Matsuzaka guy.

Another cool thing was that he talked a lot about the Yawkey’s role in the life of the Red Sox and the stadium. Here’s one tid bit: If you look closely at the white verticle lines on the scoreboard, you’ll notice that the one under the “American League” and the one to the left of that are not solid lines. This is because the Yawkeys wanted to take a subtle way to keep themselves a part of the stadium. If you can look closely, you’ll notice that they are Morse Code. The one of the left is Mr Yawkey’s initials in Morse Code and the one to the right is Mrs. Yawkey’s initials. And if you notice that the top of Mrs Yawkey’s initials read RIP across. A cool little tid bit for ya.

Well, that’s our Fenway Tour. I’ll write later about Faneuil Hall, and the rest of the wanderings through America’s favorite old city: Beantown.


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