Babymooning in Boston- Day 2

Sorry for the gap, but I’m in the middle of a winterim class, as well as getting ready for two camps and my last semester. then the pics on this post didn’t want to cooperate. but i finally gave up trying to fix them and just finished the post that I actually started about two weeks ago.

For those of you just on the edge of your seats anticipating the second day of our Babymoon in Boston, here’s the thrilling conclusion!


For those of you who doubt that I let Leah decide what we do, I’d like to let you know that we went to the downtown crossings to ‘shop’. Thankfully, Leah’s definition of shopping doesn’t always involve actually buying things and spending money. She is mostly content to just look at things and like them from a distance. So in the morning after checking out of the hotel, we headed up to some shops to do some ‘shopping’.

We made our way into Filenes only to notice that they were going out of business in 4 days. We walked through empty displays and shelves only to walk into a room of pandamonium. Almost everything was 80% off so we poked around to see what was left. We did find a few shirts and shorts, and here are a few more things that you could have practically stolen from them.

this lovely lighting fixture could be yours for only $3,000, or a special of two for $6,000. Seriously, they were selling the fixtures.

then there was this lovely coat that was marked down 70% ! Now its only $4,045.00!!! Buy now before its too late!

now these next few pics just won’t cooperate, so you’ll have to risk getting a stiff neck to look at them. After doing some shopping we roamed the streets of Boston, running across a few interesting landmarks. Here is the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin:

Interesting that they now have a Sir Speedy on the grounds. It may be a tribute to his reputation with the ladies…

One thing I love about Boston is its history in the middle of the modern world. You definintely don’t see this here in the L.A. area. Here is the old South Meeting house where Benji Frankline (Sir Speedy) was baptized.

Here is a Sir Speedy statue infront of an old city hall. Now what do you do with an old city hall in Boston? You surely can’t tear it down. You could probably turn it into a historical spot, but there are plenty of those. The obvious decision is to…

…turn it into a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse! That’s right, you can dine on a fine, overpriced piece of meat in a building older than the state of California!


6 comments on “Babymooning in Boston- Day 2

  1. Jen says:

    hey!! 2 posts in 1 weeks! wahoo…

    I can’t see the pictures though!! is it just me? good thing I have been to Boston!

  2. Beth says:

    nehemiah can help you fix he pictures… what is micah doing to help…swallowing his own urine all day?

  3. T-Bone says:

    can anyone see the pictures? i know I can, and Mom said it might be just because my internet is different than everyone elses…

    and about Micah, he’s not bothering to learn such quickly outdated technology. that’s the difference between the two. Niam ia always trying to catch up to the techonology while Micah is setting the pace and is ahead of the technology.

  4. Beth says:

    …which is why Mac’s stink. Nope- can’t see the pictures on my PC- neither could Jen.

  5. Beth'sMomToo says:

    Ummm… I’m not seeing any pictures. Gee, T, maybe they ARE only on YOUR internet!

  6. Jen says:

    I don’t get it because all your other pictures show up, did you upload them a different way? I really want to see that coat! I think I may need it!! 🙂

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