Back to Life as Normal….?

Yesterday we got back from our last winter camp and now it is on to life as normal, or as normal as it can get. Before I go one, let me discuss what our Jr High Camp was like.


Unlike the previous year, the teaching was great. The speaker was Brett Kunkle from Stand to Reason. His main teaching point was communicating that truth is not subjective, but is objective. He taught that you can know what you believe and its not a blind faith. He did a great job at getting the point through to the kids that Christianity is exclusive and it is ok to say that it is the only way.


The camp partnered with Wycliffe this year and it was based a really great idea. While there were issues is how it was carried out, I loved the idea behind it. And most importantly, the kids were really struck with the idea that there are thousands of languages that don’t have the Bible available in their own language. The Wycliffe people did a great job at communicating the sense of need and urgency to the kids, and also showed them what they can do. We have decided that we will continue to give through the organization under Wycliffe called OneVerse. Under OneVerse, they have figured out how much it costs per verse to translate a Bible into a new language. For $24 you can get one verse translated. On their website you can determine which people group you would like to help.

We were already running a program where the kids bring in bottles and cans and we turn them in for money. the good news is that CA approved a bill where each can gets an extra cent. Now we will regularly be putting the money earned through that to OneVerse. At the camp, the kids wanted to get it started and gave $67! That’s 27 kids putting forward $67.

Fun and Games
Like most camps, we also had our share of fun and games. The camp had a thing going where if you went to special things, or did different things, they would give you a pin. By the end of the weekend, most kids had around 20 pins they earned doing different things. Either you’d go to meetings, get spirit pins for cheering at rec, get pins for winning games, get pins for solving translation riddles, or even eating flavored grasshoppers. My grasshopper was bacon and cheese. And no, it tasted nothing like bacon and cheese. It was like a bad corn nut.

During free time we entered two teams into the dodgeball tourney. We all cheered each other on, and ended up steamrolling all the teams and our two teams met in the finals. It was fun to play our own group in the final, and our kids really stood out as good sports. Actually, the whole weekend, the staff of the camp kept telling leaders how great our kids were. One missionary was sitting at our table during a dinner and she asked the kids what they thought of the speaker. They said they liked him and he was nice. She asked if they had ever heard teaching like that, and they said, “Yeah, Tim is like that all the time.” That was good to hear about 🙂

We also had fun playing in the game room, playing Mafia, or on the Bungee Run. The kids all stuck together and had a great time. Overall, the weekend was fun and a good weekend of growing relationships with the kids. The kids were really struck with the challenge of having a part of bringing the Gospel to the whole world.

Back to Life
Now I’m able to concentrate on classes. I was looking at having this semester a little easier, but it appears that I was incorrect. I now basically have four significant classes. I have Theology IV, in which we’re covering Ecclesiology and Eschatology. I have a few books to read for that, a big term paper, along with a few other things. Then I have a Biblical Counseling class i added late. I have ten hours of observation on dvds to do, a day of pastoral counseling observation in person, read a few books, a term paper, and a couple other papers as well as 20 verses to memorize and three HUGE tests (25 page study outline each). I also have an Old Testament Intro class, which covers textual concerns, canon formation, and all the background stuff. I have a huge term paper in that class, a few tests, a few books, as well as a few other things. Then on top of all of that, I have to add a class to take arranged, in which I will have to watch all of the classes on dvds and do all the homework. If I don’t finish that class before May 13th, I don’t graduate.

So what I thought would be a good last semester will in fact be a bloody fight to the end. Oh, and we’re having a baby in 8 weeks. So if you will excuse me, I need to write a paper!


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