Random Thoughts

So I just heard that Chewbacca got arrested. No, not that tall british guy. The poorman’s Chewbacca in Hollywood got arrested for getting into it with an Asian tour guide. The funny thing about this is I’ve seen several run in’s that this guy has had. In case you don’t know, there are a bunch of random people dressed up in front of Grauman’s Chineses Theater in Hollywood. They are all horribly cheap imitations of people like Batman, Marilyn Monroe (who i think is played by a 65 year old), Gandolph, Michael Jackson, and other creepy people. One time I was walking over to the bathroom and there was Capt. Jack Sparrow and Chewbacca having lunch and I had to walk by Marylin Monroe on a smoke break and used the bathroom next to Charlie Chaplin, who was apparently with Marilyn. When I came out there was a security guard with two Asian guys talking to Chewbacca. Chewy was apparently up to no good again and had ‘assualted’ the older Asian guy who didn’t speak English. Its just a surreal sight. So I was interested when i heard that he got arrested for another run in with another Asian guy. You all have to go if you come to SoCal.


There were some good commercials during last nights game. Now i didn’t get to see the whole game since we had to leave for birthing class. The one I liked the most was the Robert Goulet commercial. It was just weird and brilliant. the snickers commercial really creeped me out.


Lost back this Wednesday. Time to hop up on caffeine and be alert after 10pm.


the little lady was watching a few minutes of Friends and it was an episode where Rachel (is that her name?) was pregnant. Now that I’m familiar with the whole process, I saw how ridiculous it was. She was very early on in her pregnancy and she felt the baby move and she put another guy’s hand on her stomach and he felt the baby immediately. Then it got ridiculous as the next day she started having big pains and they took her to the hospital and it turns out she was having Braxton Hicks contractions. so she started having the contractions within 24 hours of first feeling the baby. that’s so stupid.


we had our Invisible Children night on Friday night and it ws really good. we had quite a few people here and it was nice chatting with the team. it turns out that it looks like they’ll be releasing a new movie with 90% new footage and it will be released into the theaters. and from what I hear, they will not be welcome back into the country by the government after they reveal what they have found out. When i had first seen the movie, they had a section in it where they got bribed by a high government official, but were told that they better take it out or they will not be welcome back into the country. Well, they decided to take it out, get things going in Uganda, and burn the bridges later. It was nice to hear that they have been making huge pogress in Acholi-land. They also said that they will be turning their attention to Burma next. Burma has the highest amount of child abductions in the world. So stay tuned!


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