Another Pregnancy Update

Yesterday marked the six week mark until Micah’s due date! We’re having our last baby shower this Sunday and after that we’ll get BabyPrep2007 into high gear. Things have been going really well and we’re learning so much at our birthing class. It is just amazing how knowledge is power and how much most women don’t know going into the birthing process. Thankfully, we’re in a great class and feel like we both know all the options on the table and what they mean.

Since we have a one bedroom apartment right now, space is at a premium. Thanks to Ikea, we bought a smaller version of our dresser and it will also serve as a changing table. It has a thing on top that goes across the back and on the sides. We’ll buy a changing pad and ‘viola!’ you have a dresser/changing table. and its at the perfect height. So here’s a pic of me assembling it last night. With all of the furniture that I’ve put together, I could go into business assembling Ikea furniture. This makes 2 dressers, 2 nightstands, one book case, one desk, one coffee table, one bed, and one microwave table.

A lot of you have been asking for another ‘prego-pic’. Here we are at 34 weeks.

HOLY COW!!!! In case you didn’t catch it, here she was in August. And this is the exact same type of shirt that we took the latest one in. She couldn’t find the exact same shirt, but she had it in a few different colors.


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