Announcing… A NEW BLOG!

Greatness cannot stopped, nor can it be contained. With that in mind, Micah has decided to set up his own blog! Clearly he has sensed his own greatness and desires that the world also witness his intellect and charm. But we all realize that its a dangerous world out there. There are those that may want to take his knowledge and use it for evil. He hasn’t told me exactly who, but I think its North Korea. He says that he wants only ‘the chosen ones’ to be able to glean from his thoughts and experiences.

If you would like to apply for such a position, I will be handling the Micah Fanclub memberships. Just email me (tcostine at and I’ll let you know where to find his site. And please, help us protect him from Kim Jong and keep it private! That means no linking.


One comment on “Announcing… A NEW BLOG!

  1. ehudadams says:

    go ahead and email if you want the address.

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