Does the Resurrection Matter?

This whole story about the “tomb of Jesus” discovery has really shown a complete misunderstanding of the importance the resurrection. One thing that I’ve heard multiple times is that this doesn’t actually threaten the core beliefs of the Christian faith. They say that if this is true, that it doesn’t necessarily break the back of our faith in Jesus Christ. One of the directors that was being interviewed on Larry King Live said,

“Larry, we don’t challenge resurrection. We are not theologians. And actually, I don’t — you know, I spoke to theologians, they said, if he rose from one tomb, he could have just as easily have arisen from a second tomb.”

Who are these “theologians” and what theology are they studying? They completely misunderstand the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection. They don’t see it as being an atoning death and they certainly don’t see that His resurrection means victory over the power of sin and breaking the chains of death. If he just had “arisen from a second tomb”, then there is nothing separating Jesus’ first rising from that of Lazarus’.

In fact, if Jesus did not raise from the dead three days after the cross, then the cross is not where your salvation was paid for. Then the Bible falls in on itself and Isaiah 53 is not true. The resurrection is crucial to our victory over our own sin, because it was Christ defeating what we could not. It was fully paying for the debt that was insurmountably stacked against us.

And this director and supposedly many theologians just go on like its not a big deal.

Later i will take note of another observation from this whole circus.


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