Sports Snapshots

I haven’t actually written about anything sportwise in awhile, and thought this might be a good time. Here are a few of my thoughts as far as my teams go:

Red Sox


ahhh…. the beginning of a new year! I love how every Spring Training brings the basic same stories. You have the young kid looking to prove himself, the star looking to have a better year, the older guy trying to make it one last time, the other older guy trying to restore his greatness, the player that’s switching positions, the guy that’s had to deal with trade rumors, the guy coming back from major injury, the longshot kid from nowhere, plus some random story of a new coach or staff member. They’re usually the same stories and the new ones are rare to find.

But this sox team should be a good contender. I love the pitching staff, though the bullpen has me scared. The rotation has an incredible blend of speeds, styles, and ages. You have Schilling who is closer to the end, and then you have Papelbon who is at the beginning. You have Matsuzaka who is totally mysterious and potentially dominating. You have Becket who has almost been forgotten in the shuffle, yet is a potential #1 on most teams. Then you have Timmy ballgame Wakefield, who is so versatile because of his arm. And if something happens, Jon Lester is waiting for his chance, bringing a lefthanded option in.

The bullpen, though, is a crapshoot. You got Timlin dealing with oblique issues, Hansen, who is our supposed future closer, dealing with back issues at such a young age, plus a cornicopia of other relievers trying to make their mark. Hopefully our starting rotation will be consistent and we will be able to only use the bullpen for the 8th and 9th.

The lineup is great. I really liked the signing of J.D. Drew, unlike many others. I think he’s great in the role he’ll play. He’s a great protection for Manny, and I actually think his attitude will work in Boston, because he doesn’t really care what people think. He may be fragile physically, but not mentally or emotionally. The only question is what Pedrioa will do at 2nd base. He started off rough last year and finished hitting under .200. but in the last couple of weeks he started to come around. He lost some weight in the offseason, but that could go either way.

That’s another funny thing about Spring Training. If they lose weight its good, if they put on weight its good. Losing weight means less injury, quicker, and more flexibility. Gaining weight means more power, and endurance through a long season. So who knows.

My mother-in-law is coming out ON OPENING DAY!!!! I’ve been thinking of sending Leah to the airport or getting a cab. She can meet us at Dave and Busters. Come April 2nd!!


Gerald Green Dunk

Its really sad when your two greatest victories in a season is a dunk contest (notice the homage to Dee Brown in the picture. He’s somewhat imitating his dunk and wearing his jersey. I bought a pair of Reebock shoes to get a poster of Dee Brown’s dunk when I was younger. That was awesome.) and losing for higher draft picks. I’m totally on board with losing all the games we can so we can make this team better. They lost 18 games in a row (a team record) but have now decided that getting on of the top two picks isn’t as important. They’ve won 4 in a row, looking like they’re playing their way into a worse pick.

Sad Al

Look, by winning you are moving yourself out of a good pick that will be good for the team in the long run. we have two guys coming out (hopefully) in Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Either guy would be incredible for this team and winning just moves us further away from them. We can’t even win for winning!

Oh, and I hate the cheerleaders. I’m glad Red didn’t have to see this.


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  1. Doug says:

    Not that I would ever plug my own BLOG here, but I did recently post a related topic:

    Geek Man Attends Professional Sports Event

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