Bathroom Evangelism

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this. I think i’m somewhat slow of hearing of this, but you HAVE to check this out. I call it Bathroom Evangelism! Go to the site and scroll down and witness on churches attempt at being more evangelistic.

My website is about using discernement and deciding whether what you believe is preference or principle. This is that applied to evanglism. Now, do I abhor this idea on the basis of preference or principle? Is this just unappealing to my individual tastes or contrary to biblical standards and directions for church ministry?

Here are a few quotes I found interesting:

Our men’s room gives members a reason to invite people to church. That is what CFC is all about; reaching those who have become disenchanted with religion but are searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ. When you come, you may want to stay for a cup of freshly brewed latte or espresso of your choice and experience God in a unique atmosphere.

your mission is not to ‘enchant’ people to religion, but to bring them to the feet of Christ. big difference there. the last sentence makes me want to throw up in my mouth. “Expereience God in a unique atmosphere”?!?! How exactly are they expereincing God by drinking coffee and peeing in a themed bathroom? Where does this stop? “hey, lets decorate the lobby like a jungle! Why not turn the sanctuary into the deck of the Starship Enterprise!

The finished product was celebrated with a full-blown ribbon cutting ceremony and the efforts are already paying spiritual dividends. A visitor in attendance was so moved that she returned later in the week with a guest from Tulsa who took photographs and was very excited about a concept so outside the box.

Yeah, it probably had nothing to do with this becoming a large local story and people wanting to see a bathroom rather than hearing the gospel.


5 comments on “Bathroom Evangelism

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    sound emerging

  2. Aunt Beth says:

    edit- sounds emerging

  3. ehudadams says:

    no, that’s not the style of the emerging church. this is almost what the emerging church would cringe at, just like we do. At least that’s the emerging church that i’ve known. this is seeker sensative gone rampent.

  4. BethsMomToo says:

    I would have thought I was reading The Onion if you hadn’t told me in advance that this was legit!

    “…part of the mission statement at CFC is to “proclaim God’s reconciling love through Jesus Christ to neighbors, co-workers and friends.” The men’s room is just one of the many ways this church is trying to accomplish this mission. As Pastor Paris likes to say: “We are willing to go to any lengths, use any means necessary, to bring people closer to Christ.” ” Sorry, I don’t see how this bathroom has ANYTHING at all to do with the gospel of grace!

    I noticed in the banner they also include “drama” and probably “dance” in their worship services. I’ve recently been reading a book on the 1st-2nd Century Greco-Roman world, called “Associations, Synagogues, and Congregations”. Do you know that two main pagan worship practices were “drama” and “dance” in honor of their gods? In contrast, the early church focused on ” the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching” [1Tim.4:13].

  5. ehudadams says:

    I liked how they said it was already paying “spiritual dividends”. Were those spiritual dividends the WOMAN bringing someone from Tulsa to take a picture of a MEN’S bathroom? I have a feeling that it was more along the lines of, “Seriously, Donna, you won’t believe what this church has done! You have to see it!”

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