A Missionary Perspective on Spending

If you can take the conviction, go ahead and check out story at my friend’s blog.


2 comments on “A Missionary Perspective on Spending

  1. Bob Hastings says:

    Hey Tim,
    Interesting story. I think this person is a bit too quick to generalize but I will say this: It’s all about perspective. What I wish most North Americans would do is to get out of their comfort zonez and visit a 3rd world country. Most people don’t have convictions about their lifestyles because they don’t know anything different (not that this should be an excuse). First-hand experience is the only thing that can change how people see others, see themselves, and view their responsibilities before God. It’s not enough to see the news, to hear about how the “rest” of the world lives, it needs to be experienced first-hand….as you well know from your time in Uganda. World experience can be life-changing, heart-changing, and can be just the thing that people need to bring them to examine themselves and their lives before God.
    Travelocity.com……get out there and see the rest of the world!

  2. ehudadams says:

    yeah, one thing I realized that I had to be careful of was coming back and judging people’s use of money. It is very easy to look at everyone and say, “well, they aren’t using the money that God has given them well.” but what I realized was that it is strictly between you and God. It’s difficult not to get into a ‘holy rage’, but focusing your convictions on your own life. They called it “culture shock”.

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